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Frederick Abello, deputy warden, Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, Adrian Christmas, deputy warden, Philadelphia Detention Center, Terence Clark, warden, Riverside Correctional Facility, Michele Farrell, warden, House of Correction, Marco Giannetta, deputy warden, Executive Office, Gerald May, deputy warden, Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, Patricia Powers, deputy warden, Philadelphia Detention Center, Robert Tomaszewski, deputy commissioner, Philadelphia Detention Center
Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility Ordway, Colorado
Today, the province and Ontario's correctional services staff marked the fifth annual Ceremony of Remembrance honouring staff who have fallen in the line of duty while serving in Ontario's correctional services.
In support of The Second Chance Act of 2007--which identified correctional education as a high-priority area--the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.
Ontario had "no appreciable benefit" from the private operation of a correctional facility, Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Monte Kwinter said.
Correctional facilities house a disproportionate number of HIV-infected persons, and most do not provide inmates with condoms.
The essays are "Social Learning, Social Capital, and Correctional Theories"; "Models of Supervision Relevant to the Delivery of Effective Correctional Service"; "Evidence-Based Programming Today"; "Using an Integrated Model to Implement Evidence-based Practices in Corrections"; "Public Safety and the Search for a Strategic Converter"; "Meeting the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry"; and "Revisiting Responsibility".
A physically disabled black prison inmate appealed an order that granted summary judgment in favor of a correctional officer on claims that officials denied the inmate due process and equal protection by refusing to allow him to present live witness testimony during a prison disciplinary hearing.
This technological advancement is transforming the way in which prison inmates are receiving health care, provide significant implications with regard to financial costs, and ensures security of inmates and correctional personnel.
Secure state correctional facilities currently house more than 1.

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