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The Department of Criminal Justice currently has 3,304 corrections officer vacancies throughout its 109 prison units, even after the closure in 2013 of two privately run facilities.
Aaron Kalama, corrections officer, Salt River Department of Corrections, Scottsdale, Ariz.
HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- A Texas inmate was executed Tuesday evening for the death of a corrections officer.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association (PSCOA) President Don McNany today issued the following statement after Centre County Judge Bradley Lunsford sentenced a state prison inmate at SCI-Rockview to as much as an additional half-century behind bars after brutally assaulting a corrections officer and breaking his jaw with a broomstick.
But he wrestled a gun from a corrections officer and began firing.
A former Lancaster state prison corrections officer acquitted of three of four charges in a child-molestation trial in Kern County will not face a second trial.
The appeals court reversed, finding that the corrections officer was not acting within the scope of his employment within the meaning of the tort immunity statute, and that the county jail, not the citizens of the county, was the officer's employer.
Hardy, a 360-pound corrections officer in New York, has devoured a fifteen-and-a-half foot uncut roll of sushi in thirty minutes and inhaled twenty-three-and-a-half hot dogs in twelve minutes, according to the Columbia News Service.
The probation failure and high recidivism rates cited in these studies will not surprise any veteran law enforcement or corrections officer.
When the suspect crashed into a parked car, the officers exited their vehicles to apprehend him, but before they could do so he backed into the squad car, then drove forward in an attempt to run down the corrections officer.
Ron Baird, corrections officer, Aundreas Brown, corrections officer 11, Vernard Covington, corrections officer II, Frank J.
Stress from short-staffing, conflict with inmates and supervisors alike, and other on-the-job stressors lead to an early death, according to Brian Dawe, executive director of the American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network, which does research on corrections officer issues.
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