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 (kôr′ə-lāt′, kŏr′-)
v. cor·re·lat·ed, cor·re·lat·ing, cor·re·lates
To establish or demonstrate as having a correlation: correlated drug abuse and crime.
To be related by a correlation.
adj. (-lĭt, -lāt′)
Related by a correlation, especially having corresponding characteristics.
n. (-lĭt, -lāt′)
Either of two correlate entities; a correlative.

[Back-formation from correlation.]

cor′re·lat′a·ble adj.
cor′re·la′tor n.
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The latter form the most calcareous unit in the section, which is litho- and cyclostratigraphically correlatable with the Vilsandi Beds and Kesselaid Member of the Jaagarahu and Muhu formations, respectively.
Factor analysis has identified the inter-correlation of the variables, bringing them into a closed group having correlatable numeric responses, and in a similar fashion, cluster analysis has established the linkage tree as per the similarity level of the responses.
By the distribution of chitinozoans and by carbon isotope curves, the member is correlatable with a similar marlstone layer at the base of the Raikkula Stage in western Estonia, informally called the Pusku Member (V.
These anomalous values, particularly high in arsenic and antimony are highly correlatable with very high values for iron, and suggest the possibilities for a large tonnage Iron Oxide Breccia deposit.
The Bulwer Seam was correlated in detail using a five ply model (BU 31-35), showing the seam is continuous and correlatable across 8.
8 and 19 is significant in terms of correlating orientation behavior to mechanical response because it indicates that the "mixed-mode" orientation is correlatable in terms of the average c-axis orientation over the range of material parameters and molding conditions investigated.
Views of the body and pollution, then, are not easily correlatable with actual social status.