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 (kôr′ĭ-spŏn′dənt, kŏr′-)
1. One who communicates by means of letters, emails, or other forms of written messages.
2. One employed by the print or broadcast media to supply news stories or articles: a foreign correspondent.
3. One that has regular business dealings with another, especially at a distance.
4. Something that corresponds; a correlative.

cor′re·spon′dent·ly adv.


in a correspondent manner
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The latest documents available with Pakistan Today indicate that implementation progress has been sluggish since the programme started in 2004 and disbursements remain correspondently low.
P] for the positive and negative of MACD correspondently.
Increasing voltage will correspondently reduce current in the power equation.
D] subcycle, that is to say, including responses in both presence and absence of the correlated stimulus and, correspondently, response frequencies not necessarily were a good index of the control exerted by the stimulus added to [t.
b, c) Correspondently, the protein levels of IL-1[beta] and TGF-[beta] were determined using quantitative ELISA kits.
In addition, as the number of laptop users increases, the number of laptop breakdown increases correspondently.
Then the deformation of the continuum displacement field is placed in the deformation of the crystallite correspondently through the Cauchy-Born rule, that is to say, the atomic positions are connected to the continuum fields via the local deformation gradient (Tadmor et al.
Their Akaike weights were correspondently small, with the first and second ranked model both yielding a weight of 0.
Positions of support joints of the upper and lower triangular bases specified by the magnitudes of the circle's radius R1 and R2 correspondently.
But the mortality rate from breast cancer has not reduced correspondently.