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n. pl. cor·ri·dos
A Mexican ballad or folk song.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, ballad, from past participle of correr, to run, from Old Spanish, from Latin currere; see kers- in Indo-European roots.]
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These beloved artists have experienced unprecedented success performing popular Mexican Regional Music genres, Banda, Rancheras, Norteno and Corridos, throughout the US and Mexico.
The Mood Express' forte is its distinctive blend of classic and original music, including Tejano and New Mexico-style corridos and cumbias with scintillating Latin rhythms ranging from salsa and merengue, to mambo and cha cha.
6 (2012) (discussing an album, Migra Corridos, produced by the US Border Patrol as a part of a border safety initiative in Mexico aimed at deterring undocumented Latino immigration by using corridos, or Mexican ballads, to describe the dangers associated with crossing the border); Bennett Capers, Crime Music, 7 OHIO St.
As corridos often feature figures on the run who were effectively minding their own business until someone (often an Anglo authority figure) forced their hand, and the fact that the protagonist of these films was a mild-mannered guitar player, Ricketts excavates the inherent parallels between Rodriguez's films and this iconic folk music form.
In Michoacan, the narcocorridos have evolved into the corridos enfermos.
Contract awarded for Coating installation safety and solar control in library liceu isidora ramos Execution within 30 days corridos.
Ry Cooder And Corridos Famosos - Live At San Francisco BLUES guitarist par excellence Ry Cooder's first live album since 1977's Show Time sees him return to the roots of that album: both were recorded at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall.
The genre is hugely popular with teenagers and young adults, who listen to these corridos on local radio stations and attend the bands' concerts.
Thematically-organized chapters explore key genres, such as the corridos and mariachi music; love songs; and songs reflecting intercultural conflict.
Resistance to encroachment and to the cutting of barbed wire used to exclude the Mexican are often omitted from general American history books, yet kept alive in the popular corridos, oral tradition, murals, and the much contested ethnic studies.
28) Types of music included alabados, direct outgrowths of Gregorian chants; corridos, or ballads known as "romances" in Spain; inditas, which combine dancing with singing; and cuandos, a generic term for peasant or rural music.
If Kun comes down hard on the US in its flawed policy, he is equally critical of the glorification of narco culture in the popular corridos (songs) that circulate through Norteno music, where, it's rumored, that the subversive "truth" about Mexico can be heard.