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 (kə-rī′vəl, kō-)
A rival or opponent.

[French, from Latin corrīvālis : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + rīvālis, rival; see rival.]

cor·ri′val adj.
cor·ri′val·ry (-rē) n.


n, vb
a rare word for rival
[C16: from Old French, from Late Latin corrīvālis, from Latin com- together, mutually + rīvālis rival]
corˈrivalry, corˈrivalˌship n
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Some later thinkers would have it that in our art we produce a second nature: creations corrival with, if not counter and superior to, the first.
Imagine spending much of one's life, like a Lucretius or a Dante, in a world one created, correlative to the world at large (not, as with a Mallarme, corrival and finally supplanting).
In a brief final chapter, "Mistris Corrival," Masten contemplates the intrusion of a self-styled female author, Margaret Cavendish, duchess of Newcastle, into the formerly all-male world of printed authority.