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 (kə-rī′vəl, kō-)
A rival or opponent.

[French, from Latin corrīvālis : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + rīvālis, rival; see rival.]

cor·ri′val adj.
cor·ri′val·ry (-rē) n.


n, vb
a rare word for rival
[C16: from Old French, from Late Latin corrīvālis, from Latin com- together, mutually + rīvālis rival]
corˈrivalry, corˈrivalˌship n
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SUMMARY: There are several interpretations of the Keynes's economical theory which corrival about what is the truly insight of this theory.
Some later thinkers would have it that in our art we produce a second nature: creations corrival with, if not counter and superior to, the first.
Imagine spending much of one's life, like a Lucretius or a Dante, in a world one created, correlative to the world at large (not, as with a Mallarme, corrival and finally supplanting).