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1. An Australian Aboriginal dance festival held at night, especially in celebration of an important event.
2. Australian
a. A large, noisy celebration.
b. A great tumult; a disturbance.

[From Dharuk garabari.]


1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a native assembly of sacred, festive, or warlike character
2. informal any noisy gathering
[C19: from a native Australian language]


or cor•rob•bo•ree

(kəˈrɒb ə ri)

n., pl. -rees. Australian.
1. an assembly of Aborigines typified by singing and dancing, sometimes associated with traditional sacred rites.
2. a boisterous social gathering.
[1793; < Dharuk ga-ra-ba-ra dance]


- A large, noisy gathering.
See also related terms for noisy.


 a hilarious assembly, based on the Australian dance, 1793.
Examples: large chattering corrobories . . . of kingfishers, 1885; of lyrebirds, 1892.


n (Austral) Tanzritual der Aborigines (fig) → rauschendes Fest
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Reconciliation' is a key word in Australian political and social life, and a significant proportion of Australians support the idea, if the various polls and the estimated 400,000 people who walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge during the final public plenary of the Council at Corroboree 2000 in May this year are any indication.
New ATSIC chair Geoff Clarke's understanding of reconciliation as stated at Corroboree 2000 in Sydney is a rather bland version that places emphasis upon the 'consent' of indigenous people.
Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Mark Furner, who will officially open the event, said the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day had become a modern day corroboree, with clan groups from around the state gathering to celebrate NAIDOC Week.
Cette inquietude est corroboree par les resultats d'une etude menee pendant l'annee en cours aupres des eleves du primaire et du moyen de la circonscription d'El Harrach.
Carroll offers McRae's drawing Corroboree, or William Buckley and the dancers from the Wathaurong people (c.
Three Accelerator alumni have feature films screening in this year's festival: Taika Waititi's Eagle vs Shark (2007), Ben Hackworth's Corroboree, and Rhys Graham's Words from the City (2007), co-directed with Natasha Gadd MIFF has been developing other initiatives and this year is launching a feature film investment fund and a film market with international sales agents participating.
In this case the music was written by Charles Edward Horsley and that his music for a corroboree caused quite a sensation and was encored.
The dark horse Corroboree has been lightly raced since landing a two-mile Kempton Handicap Hurdle in November 2003 when trained by Nigel Twiston-Davies.
Green farmhouse corroboree dust or macadamia nut paste should wake up the most jaded palate.
Henderson and Fitzgerald went on to complete a double when the well-regarded Calling Brave, who started 6-4 favourite, came home 24 lengths clear of Corroboree in the bumper.
Their new work, Corroboree, focuses on the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime, which explains the origin and culture of the land and its people, and is set in a period when animal spirits occupied the land without the influence of humans.
In his address to delegates at the Opera House on 27 May this year as part of the formal proceedings of Corroboree 2000, the Prime Minister trotted out the same old tired, detached and compassionless words he has been regurgitating on this issue for at least the last three years now.