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1. An Australian Aboriginal dance festival held at night, especially in celebration of an important event.
2. Australian
a. A large, noisy celebration.
b. A great tumult; a disturbance.

[From Dharuk garabari.]


1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a native assembly of sacred, festive, or warlike character
2. informal any noisy gathering
[C19: from a native Australian language]


or cor•rob•bo•ree

(kəˈrɒb ə ri)

n., pl. -rees. Australian.
1. an assembly of Aborigines typified by singing and dancing, sometimes associated with traditional sacred rites.
2. a boisterous social gathering.
[1793; < Dharuk ga-ra-ba-ra dance]


- A large, noisy gathering.
See also related terms for noisy.


 a hilarious assembly, based on the Australian dance, 1793.
Examples: large chattering corrobories . . . of kingfishers, 1885; of lyrebirds, 1892.


n (Austral) Tanzritual der Aborigines (fig) → rauschendes Fest
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Selon les donnees statistiques officielles, corroborees par celles de la Fondations Lalla Salma de prevention et traitement des cancers, le Maroc enregistre 40.
The motivations of Salvado require less guesswork as Reece draws on his diary and letters written to friends and colleagues in Europe to show that the Bishop was motivated to promote cricket at New Norcia both as a substitute for traditional corroborees and as a highly visible demonstration that Aboriginal people were the equal of British settlers.
Ces conclusions sont corroborees par la distribution des membres selon leur statut d'assurance au Barreau du Nouveau-Brunswick.
Expressing national diversity, today across the country, Australia will enjoy community breakfasts, beach parties, corroborees, concerts, parades, cultural and historic exhibitions, sporting ceremonies and firework displays.
Le Tableau 2 met en correspondance les propositions theoriques observables, les methodes et les criteres permettant de dire si elles sont ou non Corroborees.
D'apres leur analyse, trois explications logiques du pourquoi et quand les questions municipales peuvent prendre plus d'importance dans le programme federal--croissance rapide de la population dans les villes, restructuration municipale importante, et difficultes financieres des municipalites--ne sont pas corroborees de facon systematique.
He could recall how, during his boyhood and youth, Aborigines would assemble in large numbers on land adjoining Greenwood to perform their corroborees.
9) Filmed at night with floodlights, the dancers, covered in luminous white paint perform classic corroborees (fig.
L'evaluation de la gestion participative des ressources naturelles exige des interpretations corroborees par les intervenants quant a la maniere dont la participation contribue a l'atteinte des resultats, dont les intervenants participent au processus et quant a la nature de la gestion.
She conflates his reports of woollas and corroborees before and after Hornet Bank, moves the scene to Hawkwood and portrays herself as a child observer of a corroboree that she describes as a forerunner of Hornet Bank, dramatically declaring that perhaps if she had told her parents what she had seen at the corroboree she could have prevented the attack.
He was honoured by being invited to attend many of their ceremonies, including corroborees and the burial of an elder; he later sensitively described the people's grief and the funeral rituals.