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Dorothea accused herself of some meanness in this timidity: it was always odious to her to have any small fears or contrivances about her actions, but at this moment she was seeking the highest aid possible that she might not dread the corrosiveness of Celia's pretty carnally minded prose.
To address the problem, principal quality control officer, Ms Helen Moduane said WUC recommended that an additional lime softening component be installed at the plant to allow the final water to pass through to remove the corrosiveness and increase the PH of the water to be slightly alkaline before the water is pumped into the final water tank and the Mogome storage tank.
Approximately 195m facing shell / pre-wall construction-2 ply cement fiber with substructure of corrosiveness class c4 (h) (l); Approximately 100m trockenbaustnderwerk- 2 ply cement fiber board with substructure of corrovisity class c4 (h) (l) / of which approx.
Union-supported public workers become symbols of the moral corrosiveness of the welfare state, insulated from marketized regimes of customer accountability and performance scrutiny.
In the event of a mustard gas incident, this had the advantage of reducing the corrosiveness of the process, which could rapidly corrode any metal being decontaminated.
Once the nature of the medium has been established, it is necessary to consider other parameters including, delivery volume and pressure, temperature, flow characteristics, vapour pressure, solids content, corrosiveness, toxicity and hygiene.
A probable cause of higher particle number emissions, when running the engine on methanol compared to ethanol, is the corrosiveness of the fuel itself.
Again, even high temperature epoxies will not stand up to the high temperature and corrosiveness of a bluing tank.
With industrial aqueous system where biological and biofilm control is needed, OxiPur will destroy the matrix and inactivate the bacteria inside the biofilm without the strong odor of free chlorine or the gas phase corrosiveness that free chlorine produces.
De-icers can vary by price, corrosiveness, and effectiveness.
Liberalism is the enemy of liberality because it foments the relentless corrosiveness of progressivism.