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One whose occupation is manufacturing, selling, or applying cosmetics.


a person who makes, sells, or applies cosmetics


(ˌkɒz mɪˈtɪʃ ən)

a person professionally engaged in the application of cosmetics; cosmetologist.
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Noun1.cosmetician - someone who sells or applies cosmeticscosmetician - someone who sells or applies cosmetics
marketer, seller, trafficker, vender, vendor - someone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money
2.cosmetician - someone who works in a beauty parlorcosmetician - someone who works in a beauty parlor
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
manicurist - a beautician who cleans and trims and polishes the fingernails
خَبير تجْميل
güzellik uzmanı


[kɒzmɪˈtɪʃən] Ncosmetólogo/a m/f


nKosmetiker(in) m(f)


(kozˈmetik) adjective
designed to increase the beauty and hide the defects of something, especially the face. She had cosmetic surgery to improve the shape of her nose.
a preparation for this purpose. She's quite pretty – she does not need to wear so many cosmetics (= lipstick, eye-shadow etc).
cosmetician (ˈkozmətiʃən) noun
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The results suggest to dermatologists and cosmeticians alike that supplementation with Lyc-O-Mato is a simple, natural method to enhance both skin health and beauty.
Costumers and cosmeticians and assistant directors with clipboards and headsets always knocking on her door, going in, coming out.
These units were pulled from foreclosed practices of cosmetic laser centers sold by laser marketers to family practitioners, pediatricians, and cosmeticians looking to "enhance" their revenue.
As this critic agues, Melville "comments on how 'in old times sperm was such a favorite cosmetic,' knowing well enough that it was semen not blubber which the medieval cosmeticians prized" (1998, p.
In 2006, the MoH had laid down new rules that barred cosmeticians from practising without getting a MoH licence.
The evening included food and wine tasting as well as makeovers by cosmeticians and spa treatments.
Generating great interest this year was the Wellness Area, which attracted cosmeticians interested in extending their ranges with body treatments and hoteliers and spa operators seeking unusual new treatments, massages and brands for their institutes.
Carrying much the same quality brands as the department stores (although not the full inventory), they staffed professional cosmeticians behind a full fragrance counter.
2) Gemma Delicado Puerto has shown how this episode relates Lozana's portrait to the popular image of the Magdalene as a patron saint of cosmeticians and sex workers.
Their cosmeticians of choice range from Rafael Moneo, who is discreetly and soothingly fussing around the grande dame of the Prado, to Swiss clinicians Herzog & de Meuron, who propose more radical surgery for the Fundacio La Caixa.
However, although you can print photos, pick up prescriptions, buy speciality cigars, enrol in cooking classes (in the 'community rooms'), talk to cosmeticians and work out in the chain's Goodlife Fitness clubs, it's the chain's abundant range of fresh produce, quality service and deep assortment of goods that has gained it entry to our top 10 food supermarkets in the world.
The first edition in the early 1990s broke ground with its emphasis on treatment, offering comprehensive, practical information for clinicians, pathologists, surgeons, cosmeticians, and the pharmaceutical industry.