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n. pl. cos·mol·o·gies
1. The study of the physical universe considered as a totality of phenomena in time and space.
a. The astrophysical study of the history, structure, and constituent dynamics of the universe.
b. A specific theory or model of this structure and these dynamics.
3. A philosophical, religious, or mythical explanation of the nature and structure of the universe.

cos′mo·log′ic (-mə-lŏj′ĭk), cos′mo·log′i·cal adj.
cos′mo·log′i·cal·ly adv.
cos·mol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.cosmologic - pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe; "cosmologic science"; "cosmological redshift"; "cosmogonic theories of the origin of the universe"
2.cosmologic - pertaining to the branch of philosophy dealing with the elements and laws and especially the characteristics of the universe such as space and time and causality; "cosmologic philosophy"; "a cosmological argument is an argument that the universe demands the admission of an adequate external cause which is God"
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As mentioned earlier, there are also cosmologic theories such as Stephen Hawking's that suggest how creation could be explained without God.
Each of the 260 days, but also each of the many periods defined within the calendar, was associated with specific patron deities, mythical personajes and events, as well as with cosmologic realms (world-directions, earlier creations, layers of the universe.
The philosophy underlying these traditions was focused on the spiritual and cosmologic approaches of the Platonic thinking.
The principles of the complex systems theory can be applied through specific properties at any scale or reality level, from the string theory to the cosmologic models and to meteorology (see, for instance [6, 7, 8, 9, 21].
Cresset has begun distributing COSMOlogic software in North America alongside the existing Cresset software range.
There were meditative practices as described by the cosmologic hymns of the Vedas.
The ancients tell cosmologic creation tales to spin new projects, and, as its title suggests.
The wolf, Pluskowski notes, possessed comic, heroic, and cosmologic as well as diabolic resonances.
The Karen aspirations are perhaps as much a part of a global logic (and order) as they are derived from their own cosmologic.
As Pluck might have put the matter, the bucolic traipse has become a plunge into cosmologic incomprehensibility rendered in prose of extraordinary exactness.
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