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n. pl. cos·mol·o·gies
1. The study of the physical universe considered as a totality of phenomena in time and space.
a. The astrophysical study of the history, structure, and constituent dynamics of the universe.
b. A specific theory or model of this structure and these dynamics.
3. A philosophical, religious, or mythical explanation of the nature and structure of the universe.

cos′mo·log′ic (-mə-lŏj′ĭk), cos′mo·log′i·cal adj.
cos′mo·log′i·cal·ly adv.
cos·mol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.cosmological - pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe; "cosmologic science"; "cosmological redshift"; "cosmogonic theories of the origin of the universe"
2.cosmological - pertaining to the branch of philosophy dealing with the elements and laws and especially the characteristics of the universe such as space and time and causality; "cosmologic philosophy"; "a cosmological argument is an argument that the universe demands the admission of an adequate external cause which is God"


[ˌkɒzməˈlɒdʒɪkəl] adj [science, theorist] → cosmologique
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The team found indications that the number of dark matter halos could be inconsistent with what the simplest cosmological model suggests.
After years of thinking that the Milky Way - our home galaxy and also the one most studied - and the neighboring Andromeda were outliers to the standard cosmological model, when it came to the motion of satellite galaxies around them, astronomers are now finding that it is standard model itself which may need tweaking.
The Kalam Cosmological Argument; Volume 2: Scientific Evidence for the Beginning of the Universe
Prolific poet and activist Margaret Randall takes November 9, 2016, as the pivot point for this new collection, which explores the world's many questions--personal, cosmological, and social--in the light of sudden political shock.
The process of a cosmological simulation is comprised of two parts [5]: the first part requires the generation of initial conditions as stated by the structure formation model to be investigated--these conditions will be used as input.
We also discuss the cosmological constant in these spacetimes.
Objective: The project ARTHUS aims at determining the physical origin of Dark Energy: in addition to the energy sources of the standard model of cosmology, effective terms arise through spatially averaging inhomogeneous cosmological models in General Relativity.
In the ACDM model, the role of DE is played by the cosmological constant A (vacuum energy), but this model has two main problems: the fine tuning problem and the coincidence problem [7].
If their moral purification leads to a metaphysical interpretation of Plato's theology whereby Plato's gods or supreme God becomes identified with the Form of the Good as the highest metaphysical principle, then the tendency to preserve their anthropomorphism leads to a cosmological interpretation that sees the gods as "personified forces responsible for bringing order to the sensible world.
The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is the oldest light in the universe, and its study has allowed scientists to accurately measure cosmological parameters, such as the amount of matter in the universe and its age.
So far, though, nobody is writing off the cosmological constant.
The comoving distance is the distance between two points measured along a path defined at the present cosmological time.