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A large city inhabited by people from many different countries.

[cosmo- + Greek polis, city; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Human Geography) an international city
[C19: see cosmo-, polis1]


(kɒzˈmɒp ə lɪs)

an internationally important city inhabited by many different peoples.
[1890–95; cosmo- + -polis, modeled on metropolis]


a city inhabited by people of many different nations; a city of international importance. — cosmopolite, n. — cosmopolitan, n., adj.
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So, my last project, Cosmopolis Toronto, features portraits that were in color.
Abu Dhabi, brimming with luxurious hotels and restaurants is a cosmopolis par excellence and a distinctive example of globalisation; however, as Emirati girl Shaikha Al Kaabi, the owner of Meylas, remarks, authentic local cuisine can be harder to find.
com/news/robert-pattinson-cosmopolis-cannes-329628) scared about Cosmopolis because he had not really wanted to do a movie where he was the lead and had the whole movie on his shoulders," the director detailed.
6HIS 6 HIS performance in Cosmopolis required him to get steamy in a car with French actress Juliette Binoche.
Infected Korean Language, Purity Versus Hybridity: From the Sinographic Cosmopolis to Japanese Colonialism to Global English
st Dho In 2012 she appeared in movie Cosmopolis alongside English heartthrob Rob, playing his on-screen wife.
Cosmopolis Cert 15 ROBERT Pattinson plays a billionaire financier riding around a chaotic New York in the cocoon of his limousine.
Adapted from Don DeLillo's book, Cosmopolis gives Twilight star Robert Pattinson a chance to stretch his acting muscles, if not his legs.
But the idea of someone constantly changing his appearance as he roams around in a stretch limo while exploring all aspects of the human condition is far more convincing and visually interesting than Robert Pattinson was in David Cronenberg's financial world of Cosmopolis.
also titled Cosmopolis, written in the wake of 9/11 and Enron but
Summary: R-Patz has made his first official appearance at the New York premiere of Cosmopolis, since his rumoured split from Kristen Stewart.
He is sometimes awful and he is rarely 'box office', which is a shame because Cosmopolis could have been a Wall Street/ Fatal Attraction-style thriller of our times and not just a template for less gifted filmmakers to imitate or a curiosity piece for film students.