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The act or practice of dressing in costume, often homemade, to resemble or portray a fictional character, especially from science fiction, fantasy, manga, or anime.
v. cos·played, cos·play·ing, cos·plays
To engage in cosplay.
To portray (a character) through cosplay: She cosplayed her favorite superhero at a comic book convention.

cos′play·er n.


(ˈkɒsˌpleɪ; ˈkɒz-)
a recreational activity in which people interact with one another while dressed as fictional characters
[C20: shortened from costume play]
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Cosplay has as wide a range of devotion as it has complexity.
People have seen Alicia Marie Cosplay in many sexy and creative outfits from Musotica.
This Halloween, the Doctor Who Experience is also inviting fans of all ages to get into the cosplay spirit and visit as their favourite monster, Doctor or companion.
What are you guys looking for from hopefuls in the cosplay contest?
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cosplay Culture, which debuted at the start of 2015, is devoted to giving a voice to the serious cosplaying masses by way of interviews with the biggest names in the industry, and guides on how to build the accessories of popular characters from various entertainment universes.
All four celebrities attended a Press conference yesterday held at the Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa in Seef ahead of the day's activities at the BIC, which included a buskers show, sumo wrestling, karaoke, bubble football, Ps4 games stick and fight and bullfight tournaments, as well as a talent show and cosplay contest.
Anime cosplay is all about the interpretation of the character, each one is unique and individual.
For the fans aiming at the full experience, this year's convention will hold a cosplay contest, as it did last year.
We are doing no harm to anyone whatsoever, we cosplay even go into character to emulate people.
According to DT Talents and Events CEO Annie Barcelona Esmer, given the tremendous response of both Filipino and non-Filipino communities to the cosplay competition, they are seriously planning a second episode of the programme.
Other features include Comic Village, where fans can meet comic creators and artists; Dealer Stalls, where you can buy an array of merchandise; Robots Live, which was formed in the wake of TV show Robot Wars and showcases a wide range of fighting robots; and Cosplay with plenty of costumes for those who like to dress up.
As always, the cosplay (costume) competition will be a main feature and we look forward to seeing what Bahrain's cosplaying community will come up with for this event.