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A joint sponsor: two senators who were cosponsors of new legislation.
tr.v. (kō-spŏn′sər) co·spon·sored, co·spon·sor·ing, co·spon·sors
To act as a joint sponsor of: corporations that cosponsored a marathon.

co·spon′sor·ship′ n.


(Commerce) a person, company, or other organization that is one of the two sponsors of an event or initiative
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Verb1.cosponsor - sponsor together with another sponsor
patronize, sponsor, patronise - assume sponsorship of
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On May 16, 2017, Daines cosponsored the TAILOR Act of 2017, which requires financial regulators to tailor their rules to consider the size, risk profile, complexity, and business model of financial institutions impacted.
Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, during the inaugural address to the UNHRC last month, appealed for more time from the international community to implement reconciliation measures pledged during the resolution of September 2015, which was also cosponsored by Sri Lanka.
and is cosponsored by three senators: John Boozman (R.
ADDIS ABABA -- The Addis Ababa Office of the Baha'i International Community has delivered statements to and cosponsored several side events at major UN conferences in 2015.
AFS cosponsored the North American Pavilion at GIFA 2011.
Paul pointed out that, while more than half of the House membership has now cosponsored the bill, an even more important plateau of support would be 290, the number of backers that would negate the potential for blocking the bill through a parliamentary procedure known as suspension of the rules.
Both groups will welcome local area leaders to the reception cosponsored by Freddie Mac.
An amputee carves the slopes at the 2006 National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, Nearly 350 severely disabled veterans participated in the event, which was cosponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Disabled American Veterans.
1316, cosponsored by Mike Pence (R IN) and Albert Wynn (D MD), would repeal key protections.
The proposal, submitted to the WTO late in October 2005 and cosponsored by the governments of Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United States, explains why eliminating trade barriers in forest products, both wood and paper, is important to both developing and developed nations.