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A joint sponsor: two senators who were cosponsors of new legislation.
tr.v. (kō-spŏn′sər) co·spon·sored, co·spon·sor·ing, co·spon·sors
To act as a joint sponsor of: corporations that cosponsored a marathon.

co·spon′sor·ship′ n.


(Commerce) a person, company, or other organization that is one of the two sponsors of an event or initiative
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Verb1.cosponsor - sponsor together with another sponsor
patronize, sponsor, patronise - assume sponsorship of
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GovTracks leadership analysis looks at which Members are cosponsoring whose bills.
The Government was still being criticised and accused of "treachery and betrayal" for cosponsoring the UNHRC resolution in October 2015, Minister Samaraweera told the UN.
Reduced rates for students from cosponsoring schools and mission agencies.
The conference format allowed the cosponsoring organizations to explain the rationale, process and product of their work.
Now that Oxley is cosponsoring the bill, Bachus was asked if he will reconsider.
Urge your Senators and Representatives to support efforts to fix the presidential public financing system by cosponsoring S.
He had the courage to testify against "don't ask, don't tell" when many of his fellow Democrats were cosponsoring the bill, and he has fought to add sexual orientation to hate-crimes legislation.
In addition, ADAA is cosponsoring education at next summer's conference with the American Association of Women Dentists, and is developing a recognition program with the American College of Prosthodontists for its dental assistants.
This cosponsoring agreement will significantly benefit both the BH&HS and Mercer's center.
Organized by independent curator Sylvie Jouval for the three cosponsoring institutions, this large retrospective covers his work in all media.