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tr.v. cos·set·ed, cos·set·ing, cos·sets
To pamper.
A pet, especially a pet lamb.

[Possibly from Anglo-Norman coscet, pet lamb, from Middle English cotsete, cottage-dweller, from Old English cotsǣta : cot, cottage + -sǣta, -sǣte, inhabitant; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈkɒsɪtɪd) or


pampered; spoilt
References in classic literature ?
Raffles smeared vaseline upon the plated parts of his Beeston Humber before starting, and our dear landlady cosseted us both, and prayed we might see nothing of the nasty burglars, not denying as the reward would be very handy to them that got it, to say nothing of the honor and glory.
THE cosseted throng of Welsh assembly members that populate their luxurious work (maybe the wrong word here) place should be made to publish a full list of the employees and their responsibilities.
Perhaps cosseted contemporaries in higher education would like to follow suit.
Mattie and Maya are cousins, and Mattie--considered sensible and reliable--is used to looking after Maya, cosseted and over protected by her mum.
They just become cosseted part-timers and a blatant affront to real long-serving members of the armed forces.
Many figures have been bandied around for Pogba, with his agent Mino Raiola claiming only a fee in excess of u200 million would see Juve part company with their cosseted star, Tribal Football reported.
A COSSETED American undertakes an epic odyssey across Africa and through the Middle East that leads him to join the Arab Spring in Libya.
Showing themselves up YET again I'm A Celebrity shows just what a bunch of whining cosseted fools these so-called celebrities who inhabit our screens are.
He was overhauled by 7-2 favourite Cosseted in the race on the stands' side near the finish but backers of the market leader at a low of 2.
Once more, safely cosseted in their air conditioned offices, the paper-shufflers, without any sense of irony, continue to look for cuts elsewhere.
In the guise of representing Her Majesty, her bunch of cosseted muppets are to be paraded around the globe, costing us millions that we simply can no longer afford.
We were pampered and cosseted in such a caring manner and if we were unsure or did not understand then one of the nurses would explain things to us and our families so that we did.