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tr.v. cos·set·ed, cos·set·ing, cos·sets
To pamper.
A pet, especially a pet lamb.

[Possibly from Anglo-Norman coscet, pet lamb, from Middle English cotsete, cottage-dweller, from Old English cotsǣta : cot, cottage + -sǣta, -sǣte, inhabitant; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈkɒsɪtɪd) or


pampered; spoilt
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What makes it worse is the birds are cossetted, well fed, and reared prior to October 1st.
Because they are all career politicians cossetted from everyday life so why should they worry or do anything?
I READ with some amusement the article headlined "Pay North workers less than in South" (The Journal, February 2), which reported a proposal drawn up by the CentreForum thinktank, whose members more than likely live in the cossetted South.
But he is kidding only himself if he thinks the public will regard a pounds 10,000 hand-out as anything other than pouring more money into the pockets of already cossetted MPs.
He added: "We are governed by people who are cossetted in the Kirklees blanket and don't know what it is to have to find work.
OThe ultimate in sole recovery I for two hours my feet were soaked, scrubbed, slathered in a mask and cossetted in warm OslippersO before all the hard skin was filed away and my nails given a perfect French polish that didnOt budge after a week on a beach.
The way footballers are treated like kids - both in the way they are cossetted and the way they are expected to give total obedience - is out of the dark ages.
The cossetted cats also have a choice from the hotel's exten-sive ``A La Cat'' menu and the use of a chauf-feuring service any-where in the North-West.
Times change, though, and with them has arrived a new breed of charitable aristocrat, quid-pro-quo benefactors who don't understand why millions of dollars contributed for everyone's pleasure shouldn't bend rules and laws to make their cossetted lives even more cozy.
With The New Yorker for a finishing school and, as taskmasters, an editorial gaggle of deeply idiosyncratic, "more or less elderly" men led by William Shawn, the young Kennedy Fraser, a veritable '60s English rose amid brambles, was a stylish and rigorously cossetted debutante in the most exclusive, most lavishly indulgent precinct of literary New York.
How easy is it to talk of Christian values when you are cossetted by the nanny state and your weekly trip to the church where the vicar in a diocese of maybe 10-15,000 souls, preaches to 30 or 40 people, if the weather isn't too bad.
The interior of the Jeep is a cosy, cossetted world, with lots of leather and other quality trims surrounding you and your passengers.