cost accounting

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cost accountant

An accountant who keeps records of the costs of production and distribution.

cost accounting n.

cost accounting

(Accounting & Book-keeping) the recording and controlling of all the expenditures of an enterprise in order to facilitate control of separate activities. Also called: management accounting
cost accountant n

cost′ account`ing

an accounting system that analyzes the cost of items involved in production.
cost′ account`ant, n.
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Noun1.cost accounting - keeping account of the costs of items in production
accountancy, accounting - the occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business
costing - cost accounting
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Do you have a cost accounting system in place to know the costs?
Cost accounting was subsequently developed as a way to measure and track manufacturing performance, specifically manufacturing costs--labor, materials and overhead.
154B) Translator note--profitability information in the cost accounting system in GPK.
In a report to Congress, GAO investigators concluded that the federal government is doing a mediocre job in complying with government accounting standards that call for the development and execution of managerial cost accounting.
4, Managerial Cost Accounting Concepts and Standards for the Federal Government, and the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program's (JFMIP) Framework for Federal Financial Management Systems established accounting standards and system requirements for managerial cost accounting (MCA) information at federal agencies.
Math achievement, student age, gender and the length of time between taking principles and cost accounting are insignificant.
Zeccardi's areas of expertise include real estate management, construction management, labor negotiations, job cost accounting, budgets, local law compliance and Class "E" fire alarm installations.
The article states, "Those who have worked with lean companies contend that many standard cost accounting practices no longer make sense.
Print Manager Plus allows one to quota and track user and printer usage providing complete cost accounting.
This is an important goal as United Technologies maximizes indirect cost reimbursement from governmental customers, which have strict guidelines on indirect cost accounting.
Designed to create time-specific flow sheets, this unique clearinghouse program provides for acuity-based cost accounting and productivity benchmarking.
However, this choice requires implementing a new cost accounting system that is sufficiently detailed at the procedure level to: (1) aggregate cost information in different ways: (2) measure fixed and variable costs separately; and (3) provide accurate cost information.

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