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(Accounting & Book-keeping) denoting or relating to a method of assessing a project that takes into account its costs and its benefits to society as well as the revenue it generates: a cost-benefit analysis; the project was assessed on a cost-benefit basis.


of, pertaining to, or based on a cost-effective analysis.
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Application of project under IPA Cross Application with proposals in two lots: Lot 1: "Selecting a contractor to prepare an analysis of" cost-benefit "- Annex A.
Writing for the majority, Scalia said the new rules violated federal law because the EPA decided to regulate the emissions without first completing a cost-benefit analysis.
First, should the government use cost-benefit analysis instead of alternative risk management frameworks?
Aberconwy Conservative MP Guto Bebb said the full impact of Llandudno station's refurbishment on the local economy could not have been predicted by a cost-benefit analysis.
Rules associated with cost-benefit analyses take the longest to review, and longer review times often mean the final rules are less stringent than the ones proposed initially.
Lomborg also said focusing on reducing chronic hunger in preschool children gives a lot of "bang for the buck'' when a cost-benefit analysis is applied.
First-of-its-kind study looks at the use of cost-benefit analyses across the 50 states
Writing for students and teachers of college level courses on cost-benefit analysis, Quah (economics, Nanyang Technical U.
Many lawmakers are turning to cost-benefit analysis to help make complex decisions, such as whether it is in the best interest of the state to invest in building a new prison or support a drug rehabilitation program.
The CBI, which is critical of the ICB's proposal to restrain banks, said that a 'rigorous cost-benefit analysis' would bring to light the merits or demerits of the proposals.
Environmental activists and progressive academics have long campaigned against the use of cost-benefit analysis in regulatory policy.
The record on cost-benefit is clear: it has repeatedly failed to assess fairly the benefits of proposed regulations, while consistently overstating the costs.

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