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Economical in terms of the goods or services received for the money spent.

cost′-ef·fec′tive·ly adv.
cost′-ef·fec′tive·ness n.


1. (Accounting & Book-keeping) in a cost-effective way; efficiently
2. (Commerce) in a cost-effective way; efficiently
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With WebLogic Sever running across multiple HP platforms, including Itanium 2-based systems on HP-UX announced in February, HP and BEA customers can more easily and cost-effectively manage IT infrastructures, building on existing assets in open, interoperable environments.
Financial executives are increasingly being called upon to help their companies cost-effectively build top-notch executive teams.
TDMA, CDMA) are not capable of cost-effectively achieving an acceptable level of reliability for data without trading off data rates, response time (latency), and cost.
With the control and flexibility offered by our Railway Coverage System, wireless network operators can cost-effectively meet the unique requirements associated with serving railway passengers, while promoting the most efficient use of critical network resources.
As more printers evolve into networked, multifunction appliances, the performance and programmability of TI's DSPs can help manufacturers quickly and cost-effectively deliver products that facilitate document management for large work groups.
AVANIR's license of I-many Medicaid, I-many CARS, and I-many Validata will enable the company to cost-effectively and accurately manage the complexities of Medicaid and managed care contracts associated with its currently marketed drug.
Nasdaq: RMKR), a leading outsource provider of Internet-enabled sales and marketing services, has announced that IBM (NYSE: IBM) will use Rainmaker's Contracts Renewals Plus(SM) (CRP) service to cost-effectively increase renewals of tens of thousands of select software subscription contracts for middleware software on IBM's AS/400 and iSeries, the world's most popular multi-user commercial business computers, with 700,000 shipped worldwide.
NASDAQ:JNPR) today announced that Chongqing Telecom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom and one of China's largest telecommunications service providers, has deployed Juniper Networks E320 Broadband Service Routers to cost-effectively address growing demand for high-speed Internet, IP television (IPTV), video on demand and other advanced IP services to their extensive customer base.
Solutions Provided By Overture Networks enable Ethernet Over Fiber and Copper Allowing Both Carriers and Enterprises to Cost-Effectively Reach More Locations
The industry pioneer of the first commercially available non-volatile, electrically alterable embedded memory solutions that can be manufactured on a standard CMOS logic process, Virage Logic (Nasdaq:VIRL) today announced IBM (NYSE:IBM) has chosen its Non-Volatile Electrically Alterable (NOVeA) technology to enable its customers to cost-effectively embed small amounts of embedded non-volatile memory in their low power applications.
By relying on us as a partner, organizations can get to their risk management and compliance objectives faster and more cost-effectively.
This program consists of multivendor network support services that help businesses efficiently operate and manage existing network assets to increase infrastructure performance and improve business efficiencies cost-effectively.