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Incorporating cost-effectiveness data in the priority-settingAZ decisions is a distinguishing feature in the Swedish national guidelines.
Despite recent reports that the intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccine might cause more adverse events in young children than does the inactivated influenza vaccine, the cost-effectiveness of the two approaches remains comparable, according to a study published online in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.
The objective of this study was to examine the cost-effectiveness of screening pregnant women for autoimmune thyroid disease.
The EPA has released two new documents examining the cost-effectiveness of diesel retrofits.
But there's a catch: The cost-effectiveness of HIV screening depends on effective linkage to care.
The cost-effectiveness of a new vaccine against shingles remains uncertain, according to a new study.
Part I includes eight chapters on global health policy ranging from topics such as implications of multilateral trade agreements, public-private health partnerships, regulation in the context of global health markets, healthcare financing reform and policies, as well as cost-effectiveness analysis.
Expanded HIV screening in the United States--an analysis of cost-effectiveness.
Success and cost-effectiveness in a mill depend heavily on an ongoing program to maximize preventive maintenance of the protective coatings on the steel structures.
The key for integrators is to provide users with the blended solution that delivers the highest levels of performance, data security, and cost-effectiveness.
Studies on the setting of health priorities in developed countries have usually shown a strong preference for severity of disease over the cost-effectiveness of an intervention as the leading parameter.