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n. pl. cos·tae (-tē) Biology
A rib or a riblike part, such as the midrib of a leaf or a thickened anterior vein or margin of an insect's wing.

[Latin; see kost- in Indo-European roots.]

cos′tal adj.


(ˈkɒs tl, ˈkɔs tl)

1. pertaining to the ribs or the upper sides of the body: costal nerves.
2. pertaining to, involving, or situated near a costa.
[1625–35; < Medieval Latin costālis of the ribs = Latin cost(a) rib, side + -ālis -al1]
cos′tal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.costal - of or relating to or near a rib
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals


a. costal, rel. a las costillas.
References in classic literature ?
He says, "It is remarkable for having a sort of drum at the base of the fore wings, between the costal nervure and the subcostal.
The letter to big hospitals of Karachi was issued on the directives of Sindh Minister for Environment, Parliamentary Affairs and Costal Development, Dr.
Mitchell's primary focus on costal defense following World War One placed him in direct conflict with the Navy; however, his advocacy for an independent Air Force infuriated the Army as well.
PAAFRA in cooperation with the costal guards revoked the fishing licenses from the ships and procedure will reoccur if violations continued, said Al-Khalil She added that fishing for shrimps in international waters, which was granted earlier this month, was only allowed under rules issued by the authority.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian warplanes bombed a long convoy of militants' vehicles in the costal province of Lattakia, which resulted in the complete destruction of the convoy and the killing and wounding of several fighters, a source in air force said.
Stoltenberg also denounced the terrorist attacked which targeted the costal tourism city in Tunisia and described it as a heinous attack, adding that such blind violence can't be justified.
Forewing fuscous grey; costal area ochreous, suffused with fulvous; a costal spot beyond middle, with an obscure obliquely curved fuscous band from the spot to inner margin; inner margin narrowly ochreous, termen obtuse.
With a total population of over 9 million, Qingdao is a city specifically designated in the state plan of the PRC, as well as a major economic centre and seaport in the eastern costal area of the PRC.
Up to PS150,000 THIS three-bedroom end-terrace house is in a costal town and close to amenities as well as transport links.
An increase of relative humidity by night and early morning over some costal and inland areas with a chance of fog formation over central inland.
The Russian delegation affirmed the importance of improving cooperation relations between Yemen and Russia in the fisheries sector since Yemen has a long costal line, noting that the Russian businessmen and investors are interested to invest in the fishery sector in Yemen.
In continuation of the campaign, 10 and 12 unfit vehicles were restricted to enter Murree Islamabad dual carriageway and Costal highway, respectively.