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n. pl. cos·tae (-tē) Biology
A rib or a riblike part, such as the midrib of a leaf or a thickened anterior vein or margin of an insect's wing.

[Latin; see kost- in Indo-European roots.]

cos′tal adj.


(ˈkɒs tl, ˈkɔs tl)

1. pertaining to the ribs or the upper sides of the body: costal nerves.
2. pertaining to, involving, or situated near a costa.
[1625–35; < Medieval Latin costālis of the ribs = Latin cost(a) rib, side + -ālis -al1]
cos′tal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.costal - of or relating to or near a rib
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals


a. costal, rel. a las costillas.
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He says, "It is remarkable for having a sort of drum at the base of the fore wings, between the costal nervure and the subcostal.
According to statement issued here, the PCGs officials received a tip-off from intelligence sources that some suspicious elements were trying to smuggle narcotics from the costal area.
Tenders are invited for Development of costal tourism circuit in spsr nellore district of andhra pradesh under swadesh darshan scheme -- development of bv palem beach destination
Based on a case report, this article seeks to provide a detailed anatomical description of the lateral-bilateral costal branch that can contribute to a better understanding of its presentation.
Trendy beautiful rental beauty salon at the intra costal waterway.
A costal osteochondroma, which is also known as exostosis, results from the separation of the epiphyseal growth plate cartilage from the main epiphysis that causes lateral lying down of the bone (2).
The sternum, bilateral cartilage and part of costal as well as costal arch were resected in one case, eight costal were resected in part in one case, six costa were resected in part in three cases, and five costal were resected in part in one case.
Summary: On Lebanon's northern coast, yet another dispute over public costal land, development and environmental damage has emerged, this time in the village of Kfar Abida near Batroun.
On his part, Donegan praised the performance of the Kuwaiti costal guards and how they progressed from few years back.
He also visited the fish processing unit at the wilayat of Al Mesanaah which is part of the costal woman development project.
Mitchell's primary focus on costal defense following World War One placed him in direct conflict with the Navy; however, his advocacy for an independent Air Force infuriated the Army as well.
Hence supra costal PCNL is better choice when stone burden is more and when additional tracts are anticipated.