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also co-star  (kō′stär′)
A starring actor or actress given equal status with another or others in a play, film, or television series.
tr. & intr.v. co·starred, co·star·ring, co·stars
To act or present as a costar.


or co-star

(n. ˈkoʊˌstɑr; v. -ˈstɑr)

n., v. -starred, -star•ring. n.
1. a performer who shares star billing with another.
2. a performer whose status is slightly below that of a star.
3. to be or have billing as a costar.
4. to present or bill as a costar or costars.
References in classic literature ?
Costar, has made the same observation as you have, and he calls the process by some Greek name which I forget.
Under the deal, which was announced last September CoStar will acquire ForRent for USD 350m in cash and USD 35m in CoStar Group stock, the company said on Tuesday.
The company said the acquisition of LandWatch joins Lands of America and Land and Farm, bringing together three land-dedicated sites to CoStar.
With the largest independently researched database of commercial real estate property information available online, CoStar can easily identify the top firms and brokers in each market throughout the U.
CoStar plans to launch building energy efficiency and energy performance information in the CoStar Property(R) database.
CoStar is buying the Apartment Finder business from Norcross, Ga.
The court case has set forth a wave of public accusations and threatens to stall the meteoric rise of CompStak, a popular database and serious rival for CoStar.
PBS's John Brod Receives 2012 Costar Power Broker Award (Photo: Business Wire)
CoStar expects significant cross-selling opportunities between the two customer bases.
And, he points out, this trend wasn't well known before CoStar unveiled its ramped-up database.
It was generally assumed that J&J had insight into the data and that the Costar II was a good stent.
costars, and Steven Shainberg (the kinky Secretary) directs, but it's Kidman all the way.