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 (kŏs′tər-mŭng′gər, -mŏng′-)
n. Chiefly British
One who sells fruit, vegetables, fish, or other goods from a cart, barrow, or stand in the streets.

[Obsolete costard-monger : costard + monger.]


(ˈkɒstəˌmʌŋɡə) or


rare Brit a person who sells fruit, vegetables, etc, from a barrow
[C16: coster-, from costard + monger]


(ˈkɒs tərˌmʌŋ gər, -ˌmɒŋ-, ˈkɔ stər-)

n. Chiefly Brit.
a hawker of fruit, vegetables, fish, etc.
[1505–15; earlier costerdmonger. See costard, monger]
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Noun1.costermonger - a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrowcostermonger - a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrow
bargainer, dealer, monger, trader - someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold


[ˈkɒstəˌmʌŋgəʳ] n (Brit) (old) → venditore/trice ambulante di frutta e verdura
References in classic literature ?
Just so with whaling, which necessitates a three-years' housekeeping upon the wide ocean, far from all grocers, costermongers, doctors, bakers, and bankers.
Rag pickers and costermongers of all kinds were crowding round the taverns in the dirty and stinking courtyards of the Hay Market.
Too far, in fancy, above the rest of mankind to trouble about their petty distinctions, he is equally at home with duke or costermonger.
costermonger, as, lord 'Aberdasher, Lord Hartisan and so forth.
I never came across but two of you who could value a man wholly and solely for what was in him--who thought themselves verily and indeed of the same flesh and blood as John Jones the attorney's clerk, and Bill Smith the costermonger, and could act as if they thought so.
Not only did the brightly painted topsides of the Clipper 708 add colour to the scene in Sullivans Cove, the crew of Great Britain even came along to the prize giving at the RYCT dressed in colourful apparel reminiscent of the London's costermongers.
8, The Dale End Academy, Costermongers, Eddies Gough Street and now Subside have all closed, venues in one of the oldest musical communities that was created in Birmingham - metal.
Q DOES anyone know why costermongers cover their clothes with pearl buttons?
out, the goblins act like costermongers, luring their patrons in with
He worked for much of his life at the Bank of Scotland in London, rising to the rank of Chief Cashier, but his hobby was making collecting trips to working-class areas where he acquired material from sites such as herbalist shops, the barrows of costermongers and dockyards.
I remember costermongers shouting their wares on the old Shambles at the bottom side of the Market Hall.