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a. costoclavicular, rel. a las costillas y la clavícula.
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4-7) Allman (8) described sprain injuries to the sternoclavicular joint and assigned them a grade from I (no joint laxity) to III (complete rupture of sternoclavicular and costoclavicular ligaments with dislocation).
If the costoclavicular ligaments were injured, several sutures were placed to hold reduction of the medial clavicle to the first rib.
Thoracic Outlet Tests-Subject 9 had decreased radial pulses bilaterally in the scalene, costoclavicular, and clavipectoral fascia/humeral positions.
It usually occurs after medial intrathoracic puncture of the subclavian vein and results in damaging of the pacemaker lead body by entrapment within the costoclavicular ligament and/or the subclavian muscle (3, 4).
Previously, the name was designated according to the etiologies of compression, such as scalenus anticus, costoclavicular, hyperabduction, cervical rib, or first rib syndromes.
Falconer and Weddell (12) and Brintnall and associates (13) incriminated the costoclavicular membrane in the production of neurovascular compression.
Males show a similar pattern of muscle utilization but the costoclavicular ligament is the most-utilized male muscle with a mean difference of 3.
Similar bilateral levels of stress at the costoclavicular ligament in females (left score 1.