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The major metabolite of nicotine that indicates levels of nicotine intake.

[Probably (ni)cotin(e) + -ine.]


(Elements & Compounds) a substance, C10H12N20, used to indicate the presence of nicotine
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Introd uction: To ascertain the benefit of adding urinary cotinine testing to self-reported tobacco use in identifying tobacco use among pregnant patients and associations with birth outcomes.
One complication of using cotinine measures exclusively in CM programs is that, because of the slow metabolism, cotinine levels do not correlate well with recent decreases in smoking (Fidler & West, 2011).
A new study also reports the presence of significant nicotine on the hands of children was associated with equally significant levels of the harmful tobacco metabolite cotinine in saliva.
2014) subsequently reported that the DNA methylation signals observed in newborns reflected sustained smoking, defined by cotinine measured at about 18 weeks of gestation, rather than transient smoking; these signals were not seen when women quit smoking earlier in pregnancy.
Cotinine is derived from nicotine but stays in the body much longer, giving a longer-term picture of recent smoke inhalation.
The PTS Detect cotinine system is the only point-of-care device offering quantitative results from a fingerstick.
Their level of exposure was determined by measuring their urinary cotinine levels, (cotinine is a metabolic breakdown product of nicotine.
It has been demonstrated that smokers who developed wound healing complications had higher levels of cotinine than those who did not when tested peri-operatively.
Contract awarded for Purchase Cotinine Test "choose NO smoking Contest 2013" (DIPOL)
Those subjected to second-hand smoke at home had elevated levels of cotinine - a by-product of nicotine - in their systems.
In addition, we found a modest but positive association between serum cotinine concentrations, a biomarker of tobacco exposure, among first-morning albumin to creatinine ratio.