cotton fiber

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Noun1.cotton fiber - soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw statecotton fiber - soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw state
cotton - fabric woven from cotton fibers
cushioning, padding - artifact consisting of soft or resilient material used to fill or give shape or protect or add comfort
absorbent cotton - cotton made absorbent by removal of the natural wax
long-staple cotton - cotton with relatively long fibers
short-staple cotton - cotton with relatively short fibers
plant fiber, plant fibre - fiber derived from plants
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1 million tons of cotton fiber annually, which accounts for about 6 percent of global cotton production.
Uzbekistan plans to create its own specialized platform for electronic trading of cotton fiber.
ARS-developed technology traps silver nanoparticles inside cotton fiber.
In a many countries cotton fiber is one of the most significant fiber producing plant.
The differences in pigmentation between brown green and white cotton fiber can be mined by the molecular study of structural genes of flavonoid biosynthesis pathway.
Uzbekistan signed contracts for supply of over 580,000 tons of cotton fiber for more than $1 billion during the X International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair, which was held in Tashkent on October 13-14.
The state-owned UzbekLegProm has allocated about $1bn for an increase in domestic processing of cotton fiber and the reduction of its export in 2015-20.
research of changes of a surface of cotton fiber after influences of various technological solutions;
Properties of cotton fiber were measured on Uster HVI 900(High volume instrument) and are given on Table 1.
Washington, Jan 19 ( ANI ): An international collaboration with strong Aggie ties has figured out how to make a longer cotton fiber.
Natural cellulosic fibers are synthesized mainly in plants and cellulose constitutes 40-50% of wood, 80% of flax, and more than 90% of cotton fiber.
Ministry of Textile Industry has so for trained about 400 cotton growers and field workers across the cotton growing areas of Punjab and Sindh provinces for clean cotton picking and maintaining cotton fiber quality parameters.