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By comparison, this same circuitry is suppressed in couch potato mice.
It takes a while to turn from a couch potato into a lean steak, so pace yourself when you do manage to get back to the gym.
According to one account, it was invented 23 years ago by Robert Armstrong, a US cartoonist who put out an Official Couch Potato Handbook.
On the other hand, Rosie says nothing nice about her brother (a couch potato and budding dope dealer), her mother (a beautician with orange hair), her father (long gone), or her uncle (the real reason her grandfather was sent away).
Exercises such as the Hail Mary Back and Arm Extensor, which works the upper back and shoulders; the Couch Potato Kick Off Lateral Leg Lift, for hips and buttocks muscles; and Touch Back Wall Squats, for working thighs, hips, back, and abs, can all be done in the comfort of one's family room.
Those are all viable explanations, but another undoubtedly is their own affinity for the couch and remote control - a clear case of "couch potato see, couch potato do.
Couch potato, all eyes, yet blind, I limited my primary viewing to BBC, with occasional side surfs in the hopes of catching one of the Fox, MSNBC, or CNN correspondents I loathe under really uncomfortable conditions.
Her husband, Jay, is a couch potato whose biggest thrill is going out to eat.
Ultimate Couch Potato Guide to Foreign TV--Are you in the mood to see reruns of TJ Hooker, to hear William Shatner say, "Book the maggot, then wash your hands.
First Ideas, creators of the Couch Potato Doll, came up with a companion/distraction that is all in good fun.
Four decades before Jerry Springer, Jimmy Stewart played the original couch potato turned voyeur in an edgy thriller about the dark pleasures of prying into other people's private lives.
Leach is pretty good at rehashing this depressing trajectory from flaneur to couch potato.