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a. A sofa.
b. A sofa on which a patient lies while undergoing psychoanalysis or psychiatric treatment.
a. The frame or floor on which grain, usually barley, is spread in malting.
b. A layer of grain, usually barley, spread to germinate.
3. A priming coat of paint or varnish used in artistic painting.
v. couched, couch·ing, couch·es
1. To word in a certain manner; phrase: couched their protests in diplomatic language.
2. To cause (oneself) to lie down, as for rest.
3. To embroider by laying thread flat on a surface and fastening it by stitches at regular intervals.
4. To spread (grain) on a couch to germinate, as in malting.
5. To lower (a spear, for example) to horizontal position, as for an attack.
1. To lie down; recline, as for rest.
2. To lie in ambush or concealment; lurk.
3. To be in a heap or pile, as leaves for decomposition or fermentation.

[Middle English couche, from Old French culche, couche, from couchier, to lay down, lie down, from Latin collocāre; see collocate.]

couch′er n.
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returned home, with his thoughts fully occupied with the various things he had seen and heard in the course of the evening, when an usher announced that the same crowd of courtiers who, in the morning, had thronged his lever, presented themselves again at his coucher, a remarkable piece of respect which, during the reign of the cardinal, the court, not very discreet in its preferences, had accorded to the minister, without caring about displeasing the king.
Le Coucher d'Yvette, as the act was billed, showed a girl undressing to go to bed.
L~tude, la fourniture, la livraison, le placement et le raccordement de 20 pavillons modulaires quips et prfabriqus en bois ventil comme suit: 13 modules de 1 chambre coucher 7 modules de 3 chambres coucher.
Outre les coups de feu, on peut voir de nombreux spectateurs s'effondrer ou se coucher a terre alors que les rafales continuent de retentir, a ajoute la meme source.
Les couples ont beneficie d'une chambre a coucher, des tenues de mariage, des alliances et des bijoux pour la mariee sans compter d'autres cadeaux comme les draps et les couvertures.
En effet, lorsque les heures de reveil et de coucher sont decalees, il en est souvent de meme des repas.
Il devait etre recu par le president israelien a l'issue du jour de repos hebdomadaire juif, au coucher du soleil, mais l'heure exact de l'entretien n'etait pas connue dans l'immediat.
Not long ago Network Rail chief executive Ian Coucher picked up a pounds 1.
RAIL boss Iain Coucher has been given a staggering pounds 1million pay-off from taxpayer-funded Network Rail, it was revealed yesterday.
Iain Coucher got compensation of pounds 1,075,000, salary of pounds 359,000, pension of pounds 214,000 and benefits of pounds 9000, Network Rail revealed in their annual report yesterday.
25 million [pounds sterling] for top directors, included 641,000 [pounds sterling] for chief executive Iain Coucher, who is on a salary of 613,000 [pounds sterling].
25m for top directors, included pounds 641,000 for chief executive Iain Coucher, who is on a salary of pounds 613,000.