(ˈkʊd nt)
contraction of could not.
usage: See care.
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Law officer of Rangers, Habib Ahmed, objected that since the paramilitary force had its own prosecutor, prosecutors general Sindh couldnt appear on its behalf.
The then minister for Housing and Construction Rehmatullah Kakar had purchased expensive land as compared to market rate on which the Supreme Court had taken notice of the incident but scheme couldnt launch so far.
I eventually saw my doctor who couldnt have been nicer or more professional - all the staff were lovely and couldn't apologise enough for the delays.
Samantha Mitchell: I was freaking out on saturday cause everyone was from Aberdeen and I couldnt understand a word they said
raid because it didnt t know about it beforehand and couldnt t stop it.
Owner Just purchased but got a great job he couldnt refuse.
Goldie replied: I couldnt possibly commentand even if I did, I couldnt possibly exhibit them.
1997: Dublin Flyer 11- 12- 0, Master Oats 11- 11- 10, Couldnt Be Better 10- 11- 6 .
Then, I'm sure to Nicky Henderson's horror, I won it in 1995 and 1997 with Couldnt Be Better and Suny Bay.
But I'd just signed a new deal at Birmingham and signed five or six players that summer; I felt out of loyalty to Birmingham at the time that I couldnt go.
Then alas disaster struck, as we couldnt get the window shut.
The 16-year-old became angry when he couldnt get into Abercynon Sports Centre last summer, Cardiff Crown Court heard.