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1. Western US A deep gulch or ravine with sloping sides, often dry in summer.
2. Louisiana & Southern Mississippi
a. A streambed, often dry according to the season.
b. A small stream, bayou, or canal.
3. Upper Midwest A valley with hills on either side.
a. A stream of molten lava.
b. A sheet of solidified lava.

[Canadian French coulée, from French, flow, from couler, to flow, from Latin cōlāre, to filter, from cōlum, sieve.]


(ˈkuːleɪ; -lɪ)
1. (Geological Science)
a. a flow of molten lava
b. such lava when solidified
2. (Physical Geography) Western US and Canadian a dry stream valley, esp a long steep-sided gorge or ravine that once carried melt water from a glacier
3. (Physical Geography) a small intermittent stream in such a ravine
[C19: from Canadian French coulée a flow, from French, from couler to flow, from Latin cōlāre to sift, purify; see colander]


(ˈku li)

1. Chiefly Western U.S. and Western Canada. a deep ravine or gulch, usu. dry, that has been formed by running water.
2. a small valley.
3. a small intermittent stream.
[1800–10, Amer.; < Canadian French, French: a flowing, n. use of fem of coulé, past participle of couler to flow < Latin cōlāre to filter, strain, derivative of cōlum strainer]
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The FAA and DOI also have approved no-fly zones over five other Reclamation dams: Hoover Dam, which borders Nevada and Arizona, Glen Canyon Dam in northern Arizona, Grand Coulee Dam in Washington, and the Mid-Pacific Regions Shasta and Folsom dams.
This facility, located in Electric City Washington, is less than five kilometers from the Grand Coulee Dam which impounds a sizable portion of the Columbia River.
They are located in Brewster, Waterville, and Coulee City.
The Grand Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, Washington State
La remise en service du haut fourneau a ete effectuee normalement a 5h00 dans le respect des mesures techniques et de securite", a assure le responsable du complexe qui a precise que la coulee d'acier et la relance des operations de production auront lieu "dans moins de 10 jours".
The company owns the 376-hectare Coulee property adjacent to the Flat Landing Brook zinc-lead-silver prospect owned by Osisko Metals Inc.
Less than a fortnight after Sasha Velour beat Peppermint, Shea Coulee and Trinity Taylor to win season nine of the hugely popular reality show, it's been announced that Sasha will appear at city venue Heaven.
After we exchanged a quick thumbs-up, I pointed the truck back up the hill toward another coulee and another proven stand.
The Grand Coulee Dam in the US state of Washington is on which river?
In the April 2016 issue of Farm Collector, the Coulee Antique Engine Club grounds are identified as being located a few miles north of Westby in Vernon, Wisconsin.
The site first came into local prominence in 1952 when a flash flood went through Women's Coulee and exposed many bones and artifacts.
Wheeler Broadcasting of Grand Coulee, Washington is selling an FM.