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A dish consisting usually of salmon or other fish baked with rice, mushrooms, and eggs in a brioche or shell of puff pastry.

[French koulibiak, from Russian kulebyaka, of unknown origin.]


another name for koulibiaca
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It was with great restraint that I took a small cut off a glorious glazed duck, a sliver of superb Salmon Coulibiac (fish, mushroom and egg rolled into a perfect pastry) and a slice of slow-cooked beef strip loin.
A few of the menu items include Maple Cinnamon Granola Bars, Salmon and Buckwheat Coulibiac and Mushroom-Dusted Chicken-Rice Timbales with Pinot Sauce.
The food enthusiasts take their longest trip yet in search of pies and pasties, preparing recipes including cheese and onion pie, and salmon coulibiac.
The menu included coulibiac, smoked haddock with rice in pastry, beef stroganoff, and fresh raspberries, served in the magnificent surroundings of St George's Hall, recently restored after the 1992 Windsor fire.
They drank champagne and served themselves a buffet-style meal of coulibiac - smoked haddock with rice in pastry - beef stroganoff and fresh raspberries in the recently restored St George's Hall.
The menu includes coulibiac - smoked haddock baked with rice and mushrooms in pastry - beef stroganoff and fresh raspberries for dessert.
Ranging from family to individual packs, new salted products include: an 800g Coulibiac de Poisson Blanc, featuring a traditional recipe made of fish, rice and hard-boiled eggs; a 160g Tarte Feuilletee Fromagere, which is based on Swiss and parmesan cheese; an 80g Feuillantine de Poisson.
COULIBIAC, beef stroganoff and fresh raspberries will be on the menu for guests at the wedding reception.
Guests will serve themselves at a buffet featuring Coulibiac - fresh salmon baked with rice - mushrooms and spinach in pastry, beef stroganoff, salads and new potatoes.