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An analytical method for determining the amount of a substance, such as water, released during electrolysis by measuring the number of coulombs used.

cou′lo·met′ric (-lə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
cou′lo·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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The state primary standard of units of mass (molar) fraction and mass (molar) concentration of components in liquid and solid substances and materials based on coulometry has been improved at the UNIST of Rosstandart .
Another game-changing accomplishment from the Dahn lab came in 2008 when he and his team pioneered the use of high-precision coulometry for battery research, a technique many battery researchers and companies use today.
The moisture content of the lubricant as analyzed by Karl Fischer coulometry was 35.
The cathodic reactions of a number of relatively stable quinonemethides were examined by cyclic voltammetry, controlled potential coulometry and rigorous product analysis following preparative-scale electrolyses.
His topics include ideal gas laws, the thermodynamics of simple systems, entropy and the second law, equilibrium, the phase rule, liquids and solids, coulometry and conductivity, early quantum theory, experimentally determining molecular structure, classical molecular modeling, and photochemistry and the theory of chemical reactions.
Easy maintenance means no standardization of reagent is required in coulometry.
and electrochemistry-based blood analysis instruments possessing break-through coulometry capabilities.