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A fragrant crystalline compound, C9H6O2, present in tonka beans and produced synthetically for use as a fragrance. Coumarin has been banned as a food additive in the United States because it can be toxic in large amounts.

[French coumarine, from coumarou, tonka bean tree, from Spanish coumarú, from Portuguese cumaru, from Tupí cumarú, commaru.]

cou′ma·ric (-mər-ĭk) adj.


(ˈkuːmərɪn) or


(Elements & Compounds) a white vanilla-scented crystalline ester, used in perfumes and flavourings and as an anticoagulant. Formula: C9H6O2
[C19: from French coumarine, from coumarou tonka-bean tree, from Spanish cumarú, from Tupi]
ˈcoumaric, ˈcumaric, coumarilic adj


(ˈku mə rɪn)

a fragrant crystalline compound, C9H6O2, used chiefly in soaps and perfumery.
[1820–30; < French coumarine=coumar(ou) tonka-bean tree (< Sp cumarú < Portuguese < Tupi cumaru) + -ine -in1]
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53] another coumarins were extracted from root of this plant known as coumurrayin, murragleinin, omphamurin, murraol, murracarpin, murpanidin, mexoticin, ferulyl esters, 3-formylindole, omphalocarpin, 5,7-dimethoxy-8-(3-methyl2-oxobutyl) coumarin.
Aroma chemicals such as a-amyl cinnamaldehyde, p-anisaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoate, and coumarin are also used in cosmetics and toiletries.
In the subsequent investigation, the antibiofilm activities of eight other coumarins, namely, coumarin, coumarin-3-carboxylic acid, dephnetin, ellagic acid, esculetin, 4-hydroxycoumarin, scopoletin, and umbelliferone (Fig.
In 2012, an advisory report had recommended severely limiting the use of 12 ingredients, regarded as the pillars of the luxury perfume industry, including citral, found in lemon and tangerine oils; coumarin, found in tropical tonka beans; and eugenol, found in rose oil.
Coumarin and its derivatives have been used in the preparation of photo-responsive drug vehicles owing to their unique photochemical property.
3 It can help protect against cancer - One of the active compounds in celery is the phytochemical coumarin, which has been proven to be effective in cancer prevention and is capable of enhancing the activity of certain white blood cells that can help to fight cancer.
Ceylon cinnamon contains very little coumarin, a naturally occurring substance that has been linked to liver damage in people sensitive to the substance.
Warfarin's monopoly on oral anticoagulation therapy, as well as that of other vitamin K antagonists derived from coumarin, is over.
the terpene alcohol linalool, coumarin, and ethyl vanillin) were mixed to produce what Burr calls one of the first true works of olfactory art.
At higher temperatures, it produced water and decene - which is used in the production of detergents, while at low temperatures, the reaction produced "oxygenated aromatic molecules", including phthalic anhydride, used in the dyeing industry, and coumarin which is used to produce blood-thinning drugs.
Eugenol, which is spicy, clove-like and sweet, and coumarin, which is sweet and herbaceous, were the most potent odorants found in all of the colas tested.