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Noun1.Council board - the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meetingcouncil board - the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meeting
conference room - a room in which a conference can be held
table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
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It gives me much pleasure to imagine that several successive governors of Massachusetts sat in it at the council board.
The grim Leonardo sate in state at the head of his council board.
Among them, quivering to and fro between gloom and splendor, appeared faces that would be seen next day at the council board of the province, and others which, Sabbath after Sabbath, looked devoutly heavenward, and benignantly over the crowded pews, from the holiest pulpits in the land.
According to model terms and conditions of Local Council Board, there will be 15% yearly increase in the contract price but contrary to this TMA in order to extend illegal benefit to the contractor did not care the same and awarded contract below reserved price.
During the course of inquiry, it was revealed that Tehsil Municipal Administration Mardan awarded contract in 201112 and 201213 to blue eyed contractor which was in sheer violation of model terms and conditions of Local Council Board (LCB).
The Council Board Room is the smaller room located on the upper level of City Hall beside the City Manager s Office where Study Sessions and briefings with City Council before and after City Council meetings occur (the room seats a total of 29).
Wingo, has been elected to the Ad Council Board of Directors, led by David Christopher, CMO of AT&T Mobility.
His Highness the Amir received former Qatari prime minister and Arab International Relations Council board member Hamad bin Jassem Al-Thani on the occasion of his visit to Kuwait.
CHARSADDA -- Workers and officers of the Local Council Board Khyber Pakhtunkhwa announced to go on strike against the murder attempt on Secretary Local Council Board Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and non-arrest of the attackers.
I don't deny for one minute voting against a proposed prison in Caernarfon when the matter came before the Gwynedd Council Board (as it was) five years ago.
Former board members of the Big/ Medical Council, which wound down its operations in 2012, will serve on a volunteer committee with High Tech Council board members to lead the new forum group.
The council's Older People Commissioning Plan 2011-2016 to be discussed by the council board next Tuesday, aims to meet changes brought about by an ageing population.

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