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Noun1.councillorship - the position of council member
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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The meaning of this councillorship query remained, of course, a riddle to her, yet she handed him the paper without replying.
This was even as it said 350 aspirants have equally obtained the councillorship form.
He threatened if the warden would not be suspended, he would not only resign from the slot of Councillorship of UC Aliyot but also quit the basic membership of PML(N).
The amendment implied that new and existing political parties had to win 10% of the Councillorship and Chairmanship Election position in the country to be qualified to participate in 2003 General Elections that were ahead.
Salmond said: "That shows what an honest man Stewart Hosie is, that he cannot be bought and sold for a privy councillorship offered by the Government.
A total of 2,944 candidates will contest for General Councillorship of District Council's Union Councils whereas 2,885 candidates will fight for General Members of Municipal Corporation Faisalabad and 598 on seven Municipal Committee's Wards.
Dizon, her running mate City Councilor Beethoven Andaya and 10 aspirants for councillorship first attended the 7:30 a.
The results showed that the Party also won all the Councillorship positions except in Adim Ward in Biase, where election was postponed to Saturday, the 28th because of what the Chairman of the Commission, Mr Patrick Out, described as envisaged problem right from the time of distribution of election materials.
15:30 Iranian envoy to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, gives go sign to the Iranian food aid convoy for the Palestinian refugees within camps, from the Iranian Cultural Councillorship towards the Airport Road.
Local councillorship is about serving your community, each ward will have different needs, best represented by someone who lives there and knows those needs, not someone part of a political group with its own agenda.
Aguleri sees itself as having suffered greater injustice and political marginalization than Umuleri, especially in the delineation of electoral wards and allotment of councillorship positions in the local government council.
Uncertainty is one of the primary reasons why sensitivity analysis is helpful in making decisions, advice, recommendations, or councillorship.