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 (koun′tər-ô′fər, -ŏf′ər)
An offer made in return by one who rejects an unsatisfactory offer.


(Commerce) a response to a bid in which a seller amends his original offer, making it more favourable to the buyer


(ˈkaʊn tərˌɔ fər, -ˌɒf ər)

an offer or proposal made to offset or substitute for an earlier offer made by another.
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Noun1.counteroffer - an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer
offering, offer - something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
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The more time you have to put the deal together and make counter-offers, the better the chance you have of getting what you really want.
At Commercial Tenant Real Estate Representation, he has the crucial role of analyzing the lifecycle costs of landlord offers and counter-offers, essential financial information during lease negotiations.
Alaska Airlines, part of Alaska Air Group Inc (NYSE: ALK), has revealed that it has put forward counter-offers on key sections of a proposed five-year contract with its pilots.
The empirical analysis in this paper suggests that counter-offers typically are not correlated with any information that is available at the initial admission stage.
Makaay insists Munich is his next stop, making it less likely that other clubs will make counter-offers for last season's Primera Liga top marksman.
Search consultants at the Sanford Rose Associates conference also noted that the shortage of qualified job candidates for the vast quantity of position openings today has encouraged an increasing number of companies to extend lavish counter-offers to employees who tender their resignation.