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tr.v. coun·ter·act·ed, coun·ter·act·ing, coun·ter·acts
To oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary action; check.

coun′ter·ac′tion n.
coun′ter·ac′tive adj.
coun′ter·ac′tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.counteractive - opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action
active - exerting influence or producing a change or effect; "an active ingredient"
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In conclusion, Ghabra noted that Iran's intervention in other countries will be counteractive and that the nuclear deal is a brilliant one that should continue as it serves the interest of the region.
The prevalence of child marriages in our society is not something new, but the application of a counteractive legislation still seems impossible.
Compelling classroom administration is effective in managing understudy issues and prompts to the counteractive action of bad conduct inside the classroom (Charles, 2008).
The principle target of STD Asia Pacific 2018 will be to share logical revelation and clinical care on HIV and STDs, HIV finding and treatment that would include different techniques to analyze HIV, HIV sedate disclosure, viral and bacterial STDs, STIs, Strategies for HIV and STDs counteractive action, bioethics and so on.
An 1857 letter to what was then known as the New-York Daily Times even recommended "Cannabis Indica, the East Indian hemp, known most widely as Hesheesh," as "a sure counteractive to the poison of rabies.
The administration is encountered by duty of recognizing explanations why workers leave, and enchanting the counteractive exploit.
After years of students using sophisticated technology like small ear pieces and wireless devices designed to look like ordinary belts, pencil erasers and more to cheat, authorities are responding with some counteractive technology.
The probiotic species, particularly lactobacilli are equipped for creating an extensive variety of antimicrobial mixes, counting natural acids (lactic and acidic acids), carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, diacetyl and peptides (bacteriocins) that can be helpful not just in diminishing sustenance pathogens and bacterial harm amid capacity and sustenance consumption, additionally in the treatment and counteractive action of gastrointestinal and vaginal infection [25] kefiran has more advantages, comparing to other polysaccharides, such as bactericidal, fungicidal, antitumor properties [33, 34] anti-inflammatory and promote healing [35, 36], immunomodulation or epithelium protection [37] and antioxidant activity [38].
Research in animal models and cell culture systems has shown that specific lactobacilli strains can exert a counteractive effect on increased intestinal permeability initiated by infections, chemicals, or stress.
Install driveable endwall, guide posts and chevron alignment markers and other counteractive road safety measurements
Boro knew how to draw games, how to keep it tight and frustrate - yet it was all counteractive.
Cognitive Insight indicates how well a person is able to objectively interpret their thoughts and experiences, and their capability to change judgements based on counteractive feedback (Riggs et al, 2012).