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 (koun′tər-băl′əns, koun′tər-băl′əns)
1. A force or influence equally counteracting another.
2. A weight that acts to balance another; a counterpoise or counterweight.
tr.v. (koun′tər-băl′əns, koun′tər-băl′əns) coun·ter·bal·anced, coun·ter·bal·anc·ing, coun·ter·bal·anc·es
1. To act as a counteracting force, influence, or weight to; counterpoise.
2. To oppose with an equal force; offset.
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Adj.1.counterbalanced - brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another
balanced - being in a state of proper equilibrium; "the carefully balanced seesaw"; "a properly balanced symphony orchestra"; "a balanced assessment of intellectual and cultural history"; "a balanced blend of whiskeys"; "the educated man shows a balanced development of all his powers"
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If inequalities should arise in some States from duties on particular objects, these will, in all probability, be counterbalanced by proportional inequalities in other States, from the duties on other objects.
But if we Southern whale-fishers are not so snugly housed aloft as Captain Sleet and his Greenland-men were; yet that disadvantage is greatly counterbalanced by the widely contrasting serenity of those seductive seas in which we South fishers mostly float.
The news of such a brilliant commencement to their undertaking would have counterbalanced the gloomy tidings of the war; it would have infused new spirit into them all, and given them courage and constancy to persevere in the enterprise.
Bounderby is a very remarkable man; and what little disparity can be said to exist between you - if any - is more than counterbalanced by the tone your mind has acquired.
The chaplain did so, and the governor assured him that the man was still mad, and that though he often spoke like a highly intelligent person, he would in the end break out into nonsense that in quantity and quality counterbalanced all the sensible things he had said before, as might be easily tested by talking to him.
Moreover, he was beginning to feel some zest for the growing though half-suppressed feud between him and the other medical men, which was likely to become more manifest, now that Bulstrode's method of managing the new hospital was about to be declared; and there were various inspiriting signs that his non-acceptance by some of Peacock's patients might be counterbalanced by the impression he had produced in other quarters.
Anilox Laser Technology, a manufacturer of quality metal rollers and sleeves for print machinery, reports it has chosen Lowestoft-based NEXEN LIFT TRUCKS as its preferred supplier for its new electric counterbalanced lift truck.
NATO is to be counterbalanced, certain counterbalancing steps are needed," he said, according to Russia's news agency Tass.
The AC-powered series includes the heavy-duty counterbalanced OS030BF, standard-duty counterbalanced OS030EF, straddle selector SS030BF and furniture selector FS030BF.
The Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator is fully counterbalanced and handles up to 1,100 pounds.
The sash is counterbalanced for smooth, lightweight operation and is ergonomically angled to improve reach and comfort and reduce glare.
23 -- Atdec has launched new monitor mounting design, Levitate Mount, featuring counterbalanced upper and lower arms that move independently of each other.