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Verb1.counterchallenge - challenge in turn; "The authentication was counterchallenged"
challenge - issue a challenge to; "Fischer challenged Spassky to a match"
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Using a graded criteria scale, successful recovery is defined as the military's complete recovery and ability to devise a counterresponse; the next best response would be neutralizing the damage from surprise without devising a counterchallenge, followed by minimizing (but not neutralizing) damage caused by the surprise.
What can be pointed out here is that we should perceive the idea of Nazarbaev's charismatic leadership as a consequence of successful counterchallenge struggle in favor of nationhood and nation building.
The Express Tribune said Sharif no longer supports the argument that backs the revisionist strategy of responding to challenge with counterchallenge taking into account the Kargil operation took place during his tenure as the prime minister.
See "The COSO Report: Challenge and Counterchallenge," JofA, Feb.