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A demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration.

coun′ter·dem′on·stra′tor n.
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Noun1.counterdemonstrator - someone who demonstrates in opposition to another demonstration
protester, demonstrator - someone who participates in a public display of group feeling
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WORCESTER - Jury deliberations are scheduled to resume Monday morning in the case of Larry Cirignano, the former executive director of Catholic Citizenship accused of assaulting a counterdemonstrator at an anti-gay-marriage rally last year outside City Hall.
When Drorah Setel, a Seattle rabbi affiliated with the local Jewish organization Pursue the Peace, showed up at a local pro-Israel rally in April 2002 carrying a sign supportive of both Palestinians and Israelis, a representative of the ADL, one of the rally organizers, insisted to police that she was a counterdemonstrator who should be removed; she ended up under arrest.
When protesters thronged in the streets to protest the first Gulf War, Lamont was a counterdemonstrator, sticking up for the first President Bush on the other side of the street.
WORCESTER - Counterdemonstrator Sarah Loy tripped and fell at a Dec.
WORCESTER - A counterdemonstrator at an anti-gay marriage rally last year in front of City Hall told a jury yesterday she was pushed to the ground by Larry Cirignano, one of several speakers at the event.
He was standing just behind counterdemonstrator Bruce Watson, 58, who also held a sign - "These lying, crying, whining, liberals CAN'T STAND THE TRUTH.
Counterdemonstrator Armando Broncas of Los Angeles, who had argued heatedly with several anti-illegal immigration protesters, said he was drawn to the event because of ``500 years of cultural genocide.
Bloody fighting broke out as they clashed with counterdemonstrators, one of whom was killed when a self-described neo-Nazi drove his car into a crowd of people.
The attack came after the rally in this Virginia college town had descended into chaos with violent brawling between attendees and counterdemonstrators and authorities had forced the crowd to disband.
When they were met by counterdemonstrators, some responded with violence.
Among those who were scheduled to speak were Joe Biggs, formerly a writer for the conspiracy-theory website Infowars, and Kyle Chapman, a far-right activist charged with beating counterdemonstrators with a wooden pole during a clash at the University of California in Berkeley earlier this year, although it is unclear if either man attended.
A woman was killed at that Unite the Right rally, and scores of others were injured, when a car plowed into counterdemonstrators.