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A demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration.

coun′ter·dem′on·stra′tor n.
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Noun1.counterdemonstrator - someone who demonstrates in opposition to another demonstration
protester, demonstrator - someone who participates in a public display of group feeling
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When protesters thronged in the streets to protest the first Gulf War, Lamont was a counterdemonstrator, sticking up for the first President Bush on the other side of the street.
WORCESTER - Jury deliberations are scheduled to resume Monday morning in the case of Larry Cirignano, the former executive director of Catholic Citizenship accused of assaulting a counterdemonstrator at an anti-gay-marriage rally last year outside City Hall.
WORCESTER - Counterdemonstrator Sarah Loy tripped and fell at a Dec.
WORCESTER - A counterdemonstrator at an anti-gay marriage rally last year in front of City Hall told a jury yesterday she was pushed to the ground by Larry Cirignano, one of several speakers at the event.
He was standing just behind counterdemonstrator Bruce Watson, 58, who also held a sign - "These lying, crying, whining, liberals CAN'T STAND THE TRUTH.
Counterdemonstrator Armando Broncas of Los Angeles, who had argued heatedly with several anti-illegal immigration protesters, said he was drawn to the event because of ``500 years of cultural genocide.
Pegida marchers, who claim they are trying to defend countries from the spread of extremism at the hands of Muslim immigrants, were outnumbered in Newcastle by counterdemonstrators at a rate of more than five to one.
A huge security operation was launched in Newcastle to keep about 375 Pegida supporters away from more than 2000 counterdemonstrators.
There had been uncertainty in the build-up to the rally and Swansea's Unite Against Fascism (UAF) group officially called off its counter-protest on the understanding the event had been cancelled by National Front South Wales, but counterdemonstrators arrived in force suspecting the rally could still take place.
The police took the threat seriously, but only a few counterdemonstrators showed up.
The EDL, which opposes what it calls the "Islamification" of the UK, has held marches in dozens of towns and cities in the last two years and some have led to violent clashes with police and counterdemonstrators.
Police made 34 arrests as 550 EDL supporters clashed with 100 counterdemonstrators.