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An example that refutes or disproves a hypothesis, proposition, or theorem.


an example or fact that is inconsistent with a hypothesis and may be used in argument against it


(ˈkaʊn tər ɪgˌzæm pəl, -ˌzɑm-)

an example that refutes an assertion or claim.
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Noun1.counterexample - refutation by example
disproof, falsification, refutation - any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something


[ˈkaʊntərɪgˌzɑːmpl] Ncontraejemplo m
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The author argues, however, that even this refined version of doxastic compatibilism is subject to challenging counterexamples and is more difficult to support than traditional compatibilism about freedom of action.
For every instance of the theory translating into a rewarding bet, there could be many counterexamples.
He covers framing the project; rigid designation, proper names, and structure; and the prima facie counterexamples.
McGinn notes that while he was initially resistant, he eventually became convinced that there are no significant counterexamples to the definition, and that Suits had indeed overturned a doctrine that was for decades an article of faith of analytic philosophy.
The inadequacy of the correlation coefficient is illustrated with two counterexamples.
Also, we describe an algorithm for calculate j with value of c and give some counterexamples to Theorem 1.
Counterexamples are available from the late middle ages themselves which might offer more fruitful points of comparison.
The discussion in these chapters presents a superb treatise on the use of examples and counterexamples to support points of view.
They describe the various classic examples of wild embeddings; knottedness, tameness, and local flatness; engulfing; and different codimensions, including piecewise linear tools, the algebraic variants needed to construct counterexamples to the approximation and existence of embeddings, and the locally flat approximation theorem for manifolds.
I believe that the various attempts to spell this out are subject to disastrous counterexamples.
Our method is the first that can prove these complex cyber-physical systems operate as intended, or else generate counterexamples of how they can fail using computer simulation," he added.