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Political and military strategy or action intended to oppose and forcefully suppress insurgency.

coun′ter·in·sur′gent n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) action taken by a government to counter the activities of rebels, guerrillas, etc


(ˌkaʊn tər ɪnˈsɜr dʒən si)

n., pl. -cies.
a program or an act of combating guerrilla warfare and subversion.
coun`ter•in•sur′gent, n., adj.


Those military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency. Also called COIN.
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Noun1.counterinsurgency - actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency
conflict, struggle, battle - an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals); "the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph"--Thomas Paine; "police tried to control the battle between the pro- and anti-abortion mobs"
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Referring to Pakistan in the report, the DIA said, 'Islamabad is likely to proceed with its counterinsurgency operations and border management efforts along its western border while sustaining counter-terrorism and paramilitary operations throughout the country.
Continuing their first volume, which ended with the close of World War II, Daugherty, a historian for the US Army Accessions Command, and Smith-Daugherty, a professor of history, detail the history of the US Marine CorpsAE involvement in counterinsurgency from 1945 to 2016.
From one counterinsurgency program to another, cases of extrajudicial killings against peasants, indigenous peoples, Moro, workers, women and youth continue to be committed with impunity under the murderous Duterte regime,' she said.
5) Similarly, little academic research theorizes about the tactical and the strategic advantages of siege warfare as a tool of counterinsurgency.
1) This is now reinforced by a new assessment of British operations, Counterinsurgency in Crisis, which argues that Her Majesty's armed forces overestimated the relevance of their past imperial policing to contemporary challenges.
Under the counterinsurgency fund (PCF), Pakistan will get $15 million.
Colonial Counterinsurgency is above all a fine collection of 'new' military history.
For any book of this type, definitions are important and those are contained in the "Strategy and Context" section, including counterinsurgency warfare, counterinsurgency force, the revolution in military affairs, the military technology revolution, and American culture.
In the following chapters Linn describes counterinsurgency operations in four numbered districts.
Keywords: tourism, conservation, counterinsurgency, Guatemala
Support to Civil Administration and Foreign Internal Defense via Village Stability Operations methodology should be applied to in order to conduct effective intelligence collection in support of counterinsurgency (COIN).
Throughout the course of the war on terror, one of the constant themes has been the need for the American military to conduct counterinsurgency (COIN) operations in environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

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