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Political and military strategy or action intended to oppose and forcefully suppress insurgency.

coun′ter·in·sur′gent n.


(Military) of or relating to counterinsurgency
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Adj.1.counterinsurgent - of or relating or characteristic of actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency
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A counterinsurgent war in Yemen--which is what the Egyptians were fighting from 1962 to 1967--is replete with challenges for counterinsurgent forces and abounds with opportunities for the insurgent.
Carentan is in the grip of a snow storm, and under siege by a counterinsurgent German Wehrmacht force," (https://community.
The liberal West is politically unwilling to generate strategic and political effect out of the counterinsurgent tactics prevalent at other times or in other places, even if the cost of this reluctance may be policy failure, as has frequently been the case.
Greater control over territory provides counterinsurgents with greater information about the enemy, which allows the counterinsurgent forces to avoid indiscriminate violence and deny the insurgents a base of popular support.
Camp uses the chapter to argue, among much else, that the counterinsurgent reaction to Attica not only justified a massive expansion of prisons nationally (and indeed the invention of the supermax prison), but was also, through prison expansion, "a means of cutting the social wage" (p.
During the occupation, counterinsurgent analysts typically distinguished between violent Islamist groups in Iraq, including AQI, and what they considered to be secular Iraqi nationalist insurgent groups.
5) He notes that for success, the counterinsurgent must use combat power carefully, indeed even sparingly, because misapplied firepower "creates blood feuds, homeless people and societal disruption that fuels and perpetuates the insurgency.
That war commenced after Soviet ally Vietnam invaded Cambodia in late 1978, replaced the Khmer Rouge regime allied with China, and fought a long counterinsurgent war against the again-insurgent Khmer Rouge and its allies.
Fighters in the past were prepared for more conventional warfare against Israel, but today they are trained for street battles and counterinsurgent tactics to deal with rebels, the residents said.
The heart of Paper Cadavers is thus a story of how this one particular archive was transformed from a weapon of surveillance, social control, and ideological management for a counterinsurgent state to use against its enemies into a weapon of democratic opening in the pursuit of justice for war crimes for a demilitarized Left, victims of state terror and their families.
While Churchill was brave and proficient in the field, the reader will no doubt conclude that he was not a very good counterinsurgent during a conflict that required those principles to be practiced.
If this were his preference, it would seem that Turse would speak well of the PHOENIX Project, which sent South Vietnamese Army counterinsurgent experts into villages, acting under American advisers.

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