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An agent that induces local inflammation to relieve inflammation in underlying or adjacent tissues.
Of or producing the effect of such an agent.

coun′ter·ir′ri·ta′tion (-tā′shən) n.


(Pharmacology) an agent that causes a superficial irritation of the skin and thereby relieves inflammation of deep structures
(Pharmacology) producing a counterirritation
ˌcounterˌirriˈtation n


(ˌkaʊn tərˈɪr ɪ tənt)

1. an agent for producing inflammation in superficial tissues to relieve pain or inflammation in deeper structures.
2. of or acting as a counterirritant.
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Noun1.counterirritant - a medicine applied locally to produce superficial inflammation in order to reduce deeper inflammation
medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine - (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
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34) This type of action probably contributes to the counterirritant or rubifacient effects of various warming or pungent plants used topically for symptomatic relief in inflammatory muscle or joint pain.
NEVER in the history of football has a season opened under such gloom as the one on the threshold of which we now stand, and never before has the great national game had such an opportunity of justifying its hold on the public as a recreative sport and a beneficial counterirritant to the anxieties of this workaday world.
The butter is also used as a counterirritant and for treating rheumatism.