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A countering attack or blow, especially one delivered by a boxer.
intr.v. coun·ter·punched, coun·ter·punch·ing, coun·ter·punch·es
To deliver a counterpunch.

coun′ter·punch′er n.


(Boxing) a boxer who waits for an opponent to attack before punching
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Spanish counterpuncher Roberto Bautista Agut admitted before the start of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships that the absence of top stars like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic had given players like him a golden chance to go deep into the tournament.
Tyson (left, below) was also a counterpuncher, but ferocious too.
He apparently felt that the media had unfairly condemned him for his original remarks and he was going to be the counterpuncher and strike back at the media.
The perception is the Notorious is some smash-mouth brawler when in reality he is an aggressive counterpuncher who relies heavily on his opponents making a mistake.
Horn is a strong guy, a counterpuncher but we're coming up with a game plan to make sure that Manny Pacquiao flies home still with that world title belt in his possession.
He is still a beautiful counterpuncher, slick with bp great distance control and fast hands and feet.
Facing the counterpuncher David Ferrer, Saketh Myneni found the going tough.
Remember the one thing that everybody has said, I'm a counterpuncher.
Austrian power player Dominic Thiem won his French Open battle against Belgian counterpuncher David Goffin on Thursday to reach his first grand slam semi-final, where he will face world number one Novak Djokovic.
isn't only a defensive fighter but also a great counterpuncher, according to BR.
This guy's an aggressive counterpuncher," Rodriguez said.