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A countering attack or blow, especially one delivered by a boxer.
intr.v. coun·ter·punched, coun·ter·punch·ing, coun·ter·punch·es
To deliver a counterpunch.

coun′ter·punch′er n.


(Boxing) a boxer who waits for an opponent to attack before punching
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On a pulsating opening day, the counterpuncher took to his favourite court after Yuki Bhambri fell to a superior Lukas Rosol 6- 2, 6- 1, 7- 5.
isn't only a defensive fighter but also a great counterpuncher, according to BR.
This guy's an aggressive counterpuncher," Rodriguez said.
It was a quartet of unanimous verdicts for Birtley, Berry defeating a southpaw counterpuncher T Harty (Braunstone ABC) in Class One 34kgs and in Class Two 54kgs Burnside seeing off Buxton's Giann Magno.
But in Minister Rajab, their omissions and false assertions will not go unnoticed for as a verbal counterpuncher, she is a veritable Muhammad Ali.
She was seen as a counterpuncher but she has become potent and aggressive and is still only 20 years old.
Floyd, fleet of foot and maybe the most deadly counterpuncher ever, rarely gets hit.
Federer said: "It's hard to get into any sort of rhythm against Tsonga from the baseline because he's a good counterpuncher.
Mitchell had to show he was a smart counterpuncher to keep the Aussie at bay.
Marquez is a counterpuncher who studies tapes of his opponent s offensive and defensive tendencies.