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1. A revolution whose aim is the deposition and reversal of a political or social system set up by a previous revolution.
2. A movement to oppose revolutionary tendencies and developments.

coun′ter·rev′o·lu′tion·ar′y (-shə-nĕr′ē) adj. & n.
coun′ter·rev′o·lu′tion·ist n.


(ˈkaʊn tərˌrɛv əˈlu ʃəˌnɛr i)

adj., n., pl. -ar•ies. adj.
1. characteristic of or resulting from a counterrevolution.
2. opposing a revolution or revolutionary government.
3. Also, coun•ter•rev•o•lu•tion•ist (ˈkaʊn tərˌrɛv əˈlu ʃə nɪst) a person who advocates or engages in a counterrevolution.
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Noun1.counterrevolutionary - a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution
revolutionary, revolutionist, subversive, subverter - a radical supporter of political or social revolution
Adj.1.counterrevolutionary - relating to or being a counterrevolution
2.counterrevolutionary - marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution; "ostracized for his counterrevolutionary tendencies"
revolutionary - advocating or engaged in revolution; "revolutionary pamphlets"; "a revolutionary junta"
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A major part of the recent demonstrations has been organized by foreign and counterrevolutionary elements; they spread propaganda and manipulated public sentiment and the rightful demands of the people," Head of Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said.
Chateaubriand himself, having lost his revolutionary sympathies, enlisted in the royalist and counterrevolutionary army, which led to battlefield wounds and illnesses and a shadow over his own life.
25 June 2016 - 23:03 The clashes occurred between the IRGC and the counterrevolutionary armed group, the Democrat, in Sarvabad border region near Mahabad city.
In its statement addressed to Sison, RPM-M said we have had antagonistic relationships with you and the New People's Army since you considered former communist rebels as counterrevolutionary, pseudo progressive and a traitor to the masses.
The Iranian police announced Sunday that Albania has arrested an Iranian woman wanted for involvement in the 1981 bombing in Tehran of the Islamic Republic Party headquarters, in which 72 revolutionaries were killed, the most devastating of all counterrevolutionary attacks.
CPC Chairman Mao Zedong ignited the revolution to purge the "bourgeoisie and counterrevolutionary revisionists" -- meaning enemies of the party who had supposedly infiltrated the government, military, economy and, most importantly, the party itself.
This question, Gottfried insists, "has sometimes divided scholars and has been asked repeatedly ever since Mussolini's followers marched on Rome in October 1922" Gottfried presents several adjectives, mostly gleaned from the work of others, to describe fascism: reactionary, counterrevolutionary, collectivist, authoritarian, corporatist, nationalist, modernizing, and protectionist.
The group has taken steps to ingratiate itself with local populations and reduce its exposure to counterrevolutionary forces," the report said.
With few exceptions like Morocco, these were countered with either brute force as in Syria and Bahrain, or counterrevolutionary moves like the 2013 military coup in Egypt, and Saudi undermining of a real political transition in Yemen.
In his latest novel, Padura created the fictional character of Ivan Cardenas Maturell, a great hope of modern Cuban literature in his youth, until he dared to write a story that was deemed counterrevolutionary.
Turner (a former FBI agent and senior editor of Ramparts magazine) reconstructs major elements of the American counterrevolutionary campaign waged against Fidel Castro's Cuba, basing his narrative on hundreds of interviews, conducted mostly in the 1960s and 1970s.
Contract awarded for The municipality of counterrevolutionary coltauco requires labor for cleaning services, surveillance and laundry, as general administrative rules, special and technical specifications.