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tr.v. coun·ter·sued, coun·ter·su·ing, coun·ter·sues Law
To respond to a lawsuit against oneself by suing (the plaintiff).

coun′ter·suit′ (-so͞ot′) n.


vb (tr)
(Law) law to sue (a plaintiff) in response or opposition to a preceding lawsuit
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A Missouri court rejected BancorpSouth's attempt to countersue a hacked commercial banking customer, Choice Escrow and Land Title, for losses, damages and legal costs, according to BankInfoSecurity.
The measures will formally ban the recognition and enforcement in the EU of the US law, and enables EU companies and individuals to countersue to recover any outlays, costs, damages and expenses incurred by its application.
The museum sued; the mayor threatened to countersue.
Other titles include They've Got Deep Pockets - Let's Sue, A Ploy Named Countersue, Oh Humana, The Jury Consultant Blues, and Back Spasm Woman.
Hahn then filed a lawsuit in 2006 seeking an affirmation that the insurer's demand for payment was too late, which led Zurich to countersue for breach of contract.