counting house

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also count·ing house  (koun′tĭng-hous′)
A building, room, or office in which a business firm carries on operations such as accounting and correspondence.

counting house



(Accounting & Book-keeping) rare chiefly Brit a room or building used by the accountants of a business

count′ing house`

a building or office where the financial records of a business are maintained.

counting house

n (old)Kontor nt
References in classic literature ?
He went straight from the cowhouse to the counting house, and after a little conversation with the bailiff and Semyon the contractor, he went back to the house and straight upstairs to the drawing room.
As well as a coaching inn it has been a counting house, post office, auction room, coroner's office, trading post and even jail.
His talent for mathematics was spotted, and it was arranged for him to work in a merchant's counting house in London.
The Counting House is a self-contained part of the Grade II-listed Derwent Foundry, at 3 Mary Ann Street close to St Paul's Square.
Ofsted has just graded Counting House Nursery, Smithies Moor Lane, as Good.
The lorry careered northwards, past the Counting House pub on its left and the George Square Christmas fair.
Or why, instead of moving, Torres sits in his counting house counting out his money.
The children left King Midas there as they found him, in his counting house where nothing counts but more.
Avoncroft's structures include the half-timbered String of Horses building (1576), the National Telephone Kiosk Collection, Earth Closet, Counting House, Ice House, Toll House and Cell Block.
Essentia c/o Guy~s & St Thomas~ NHS Foundation Trust, 1st Floor, Counting House, Guy~s Hospital, Great Maze Pond
com)-- Counting house Group, a Canadian-based payment service provider that specializes in worldwide payment solutions for the online gaming community, today announce that it will contribute as a sponsor and exhibitor at ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition, February 406, 3014, at ExCel London.